The Edison Vs Raglan Road

I’m trying to decide if I should make reservations at The Edison or Raglan Road in Disney Springs. I’m leaning towards getting cocktails at The Edison and eating dinner at Raglan Road. Any thoughts?

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What sort of wild time are you up for?

I think Edison is known to be a little more risque, particularly in the later evening hours.

Whereas Raglan is just good a old stompin good time

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I even prefer the cocktail at Raglan….

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Ha! That is a very fair question. It won’t be a get lit, close the bar, and Uber home type of night. :tumbler_glass: It’d be me, DW, DS (age 11) and DD (age 9). This will be our one “grown up” dinner while we are there. Dinner being at 6:00.

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I’d go to Raglan with the kids.


Edison earlier, like around cocktail time, I’d say 4-7-ish? Would be completely fine with kids I believe. We’ve done the “Edison for cocktails somewhere else for dinner thing” and it was a great time, and I think the way to do Edison best (cocktails are much better than their food IMO).

Lots of black and white cartoons playing, and the performers aren’t risqué until after 9, and even then, only on weekends.

Although the best night we had with Edison cocktails was:

Edison for cocktails
Boathouse for dinner
Late reservation at Raglan for additional beer and entertainment


My DD 12 thought Edison was a ton of fun. She loved the old movies showing on the wall. Then again she had a steam punk costume for Halloween last year.

My drink was fantastic, but my waiter made it himself because he also works there as a bartender.

Foodwise the grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best.


Definitely Raglan Road with kids.

Was your visit recent? We’ve been looking at Edison, but didn’t know if performers were back. DD14 loved the steampunk vibe at Toothsomes last year.

I did book reservations at Toothsomes later in the week. Mainly for the deserts…

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We went in July. We ate early - the perfeormers were not there at that time - but it looked like muscicians were setting up to play (we were there on a Saturday).

A short stop may be worth it for someone who likes the vibe. I don’t think the old energy is fully back.

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We will check out Toothsomes next time! I think DD would also like the Giddeons vibe but we were not willing to wait in that line!

Both are bookable on Open Table up to 100 days before the desired date (rather than 60 through MDE).

Haven’t been to Edison, but my 10 and 13 yo kids love and ask for Raglan Road. We’ve seen kid performers there which they especially enjoy.