The Disney Dish Thread

I think both the Dis and the Dish come from a point of wanting Disney to succeed in the future and this current path is concerning. The Dis’ point that a single mom may never be able to bring her family is valid. It is not new- vacations in general are not something many families are able to do. The Dish’s concern about nothing new while Universal continues to build more and more is also very real.


I think the fact that so many of us here in this forum are talking about taking a break speaks volumes. We are top level fans. If we’re taking a break, the average visitor probably is never coming back.

I think it’s more than okay to say so. I think it’s our responsibility as superfans to say so. I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing to point out that things are not really going very well right now on the whole and that the lack of maintenance, the lack of willingness to invest in new attractions (or, ahem, a 5th gate) is going to catch up with them. And there’s nothing wrong with saying so. It doesn’t make us Debbie Downer or Negative Nelly or Sad Sam. It shows us as people concerned about what is and will be happening to our happy place.


#MeetMeAtThePolydayInn :joy:


I agree with everything you said. The cost of everything everywhere has gone up so of course Disney has too. We had a magical time on our recent trip and I’m planning a December trip. Enjoyed every moment, cast members were wonderful, and we too liked genie +. Yes it cost money and I did a lot of research before using but it was worth it.


Absolutely this - I love Disney but it feels so much like they are sacrificing the long term willingly for short term cash grabs. And while it’s helped their short term bottom line turnaround, it’s not sustainable and if you alienate your long term fans and don’t create new long term fans there’s not a lot you’re going to be left with.


This. 100% this.


Best line of the whole show! :joy:


I completely agree with this. In fact I was thinking how the Washington Nationals baseball team has something for everyone. At one point you could get two nose bleed tickets with a hot dog chips and a drink for $25. You could also pay at least $500 for a luxury seat. Something for everyone.

I personally feel thay creating affordable packages is a #1 priority.

But, the DiS acts like affordable pricing, unlimited AP access and low waits can all exist at the same time. With no suggestions for how to do it. Last week’s episode (not all their episodes) felt like anything Disney does they will not like.

Three points:

  1. This is why I appreciate Len’s relentless pointing out that Disney has a capacity problem. It is both a flaw AND a solution. I prefer this to just pointing out the flaws and not acknowledging challenges, or offering solutions.

  2. Len amd Jim frequently invoke the “what are people going back and saying about the parks” question. My point is that my Facebook feed has a different answer for this question than what they are implying the answer will be. (Except that Genie IS the worst).

  3. As you point out - I think it is okay to love the Disney Dish and the Dis and yet point out when you think they may be taking their criticisms too far. I am personally okay with the level of criticism from the Dish, but find that lately the Dis a bit too colored by their hatred of Chapek.


Fair enough.


New blog on the downtime issue:


I think the Dis in particular is often just a long rant about problems. I am fine with pointing out issues, discussing possible solutions, getting insider info, surveys, criticisms, etc like the Dish has done. Everyone has an opinion, and we all here certainly love to discuss our opinion on one of our favorite topics. But, I have stopped following Dis as I don’t want to listen to negative rants. I don’t mind hearing about negative topics, but the switch to constant complaints and 10 minute rants about them has led me to take a break (for a few months now and it sounds like from this thread that things have not changed).


I hope she wasn’t talking about your DH? :sweat_smile:


(I only make this joke because he seems like a great guy, but it is common for mothers to be defensive about their sons.)


Oh my MIL?

She has made excuses for her children for as long as they’ve been alive. That would be why she has a 56 year old grown ass man living in her house that she’s supporting (no, not my DH). She tries to do it with my kids, too - I don’t allow it.


This has always been Pete’s schtick. People love it when he goes off on a rant.

Chapek is Pete’s new “cleaning lady”.

I still listen to the Disney Dish weekly, but not so much the DIS as of late.

I love Disney and am feeling ever more uncomfortable with the path they have been taking lately. The person at the helm of the ship is the only one to blame. He needs to lead this company.

They have put the customer in the back seat and are focusing on their shareholders. The guest and their experience is sacrificed because of this.


And here’s part 2:


This is what I like about TP - when they run a complaint article, it’s not just a general “Bald Man Bad” rant - it’s specific, based on data, and includes strategies to work around it. Some of the great insights in this article include:

  • Which parks/rides are down the most, and the least.
  • Are they getting better or worse?
  • What difference does indoor vs outdoor make?

I’m glad someone is acknowledging what many of us have noticed: lots of ride breakdowns. Too many, if you ask me. It makes me sad to think about Disney becoming a slum lord :worried: :laughing: I joke, I joke.