The Deluxe resort difference I can’t not have

So, this trip that we are on right now is special, which is why we are staying at WL. Normally I would stay at a value or moderate. The deluxe is great - excellent location next to MK, and longest bus ride is to AK at only 15 minutes. The pool is nostalgic for me and lovely. The food is delicious and with good options. Amazing theme too of course.

I can do totally fine without all of those perks. The one thing I’m not sure I can do without for future trips is the beds. I’ve got a bad back and need a supportive yet SOFT mattress. The ones here have been great and I’ve been able to sleep decently despite DH’s snoring. When I stayed at Pop last trip (with my sister) the beds felt very hard and uncomfortable. I had to sleep with my back on a pillow. My sister and I stayed at CBR the time before that, and I don’t remember the beds being that uncomfortable, but not sure they’d be comfortable enough to sleep through most of DH’s snoring.

Next trip for me and DH will be early 2022. Was planning to do a value resort… because we probably can’t afford much else. Not sure what to do now. If I can’t sleep, I can’t enjoy the vacation. Thoughts? Anyone with similar problems?

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I like a soft but supportive mattress as well. If I was in this situation, I think I’d look into getting a mattress pad of some kind delivered to my resort from Amazon. You know, like those egg crate things? Memory foam padding? Something like that. If you drive, it’s easy to bring one, but since you mentioned the buses, I’m assuming you don’t have a car at your disposal. You can also Uber out and buy one. Both options would still not set you back nearly as much as a deluxe! But I feel your pain as there are certain deluxe perks that I"m not sure my husband can live without, and it sure is hard to afford.

That’s why value, moderate, and deluxe resorts exist. You don’t have to justify to anyone else why you’d choose one over the other :smiley: If you can swing it financially and it makes your trip better, do it.

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Yes, I did consider something like this. I use a memory foam topper at home which is great. The thing is though, if I Amazon Prime’d a topper to our value resort, what would I do with it once the trip is over? Just leave it in the room for them to throw away?

I stayed at POR this past May and slept better than I do at home! This could partly be due to total exhaustion after a long Disney day but the beds were also super comfy. Perhaps a moderate could be a great compromise.

Yeah, I wish I could remember how the CBR beds felt. But maybe since I can’t remember, it means they were comfortable.
I have been curious about POFQ. Just not sure if we’ll have the budget for a moderate. We will have to see how DH’s job search goes.

Did you have a remodeled room at Pop? I think those beds are super comfy (however I don’t personally have any back problems).

It was two years ago at Pop. I am having trouble remembering if the room was remodeled. (Getting CBR and Pop mixed in my memory.) One of them was remodeled for sure. Do you think Pop would have gotten new mattresses since 2 years ago?

If you were to have one shipped from Amazon, you could always ship it back to yourself. Surely Guest Services would be happy to help you do it.

I wouldn’t just “uber out” to buy one. We’ve been to stores around there (Walmart and Target) and it’s hit and miss as to whether they even have them in stock. If you need one, have it ordered for pick up or to be delivered to you, or even rent a car to go on the hunt. You might get lucky, but you might find all the stores around the rental areas are sold out of the size you need.

If you find yourself in that situation, you could also look at Bed Bath and Beyond (others may have them too) for a featherbed mattress topper. They’re more expensive (around $100-150 range?) and you might not want to leave it behind, but it might make your sleep better.

You could also make sure you have enough bed space so you can have your own bed rather than share with snoring (rolling around) hubby.

Another thing I did once was take the comforter at the hotel I was at (not Disney) and put it under the sheets. That was like a featherbed and made it tolerable. Does anyone know if Value hotels have comforters available? You might get the same result with a couple of extra blankets. Try it at home and see if that might work at the resort.

Beach Club was the best nights sleep I have had in a hotel in probably, well, EVER.

You might try asking housekeeping if they have any mattress toppers.


Beds at POFQ were very comfortable.

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This is true, though we don’t really need another. If only Amazon Prime would ship things for free back home! :wink:

Yup, we typically do separate beds. I’m a super light sleeper, and I toss and turn a lot!
Good tip about the comforter as padding. That could work! If Pop has them :slight_smile:

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We go with Deluxe for the beds too. My husband is very tall so it has to be a queen at least. Some values are still doubles.

I would look at renting DVC. We are doing it for our next trip. It will likely depend on the time of year, but for our trip we found the cost of a deluxe to be similar to a higher end value (i.e. Pop or AoA) or a moderate. For example, our next trip is January 2021. We have a week at Pop (preferred view) booked through Disney. Total for room is about $1500 USD. The same week renting DVC points we can stay at Beach Club for about $2000 UDS, AKL for $1100 (value studio), Boardwalk about $1400, or $2000 for Wilderness Lodge.

It’s really random though if it’s been recently renovated. We had to call and have a mattress replaced at AKL because it was so awful we could barely walk the next day (early 40s age).

Mattresses are one of our top reasons for the Swan!


I’d toss it. You buy it for a period of time and consider it a cost of the trip.

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Maybe start up a pass-it-along program like they used to do with pool toys?

Okay, maybe not.

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I have a rather vague memory that the mattresses at the Swan were my favourite of our trip – Cabana Bay and Royal Pacific Resort at Universal, and Caribbean Beach Resort all had comfortable beds but the Swan’s were just slightly memorably better.

@lindsayvrsmith I’m glad you’re getting great sleep! Fingers crossed for a good solution for your next trip.

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Depending on the section of Pop you were in it’s possible that Pop has gotten new mattress. They were in the middle of the remodel in December of 2017. I had 2 trips about a week apart at the end of December 2017 and the middle of January 2018. In late December I was in a newly remodeled room in building 6 of the 70’s section, the building had opened the day I checked in and one section was still being remodeled during my 11 day trip. In January, I was in the 50’s section and it hadn’t started being remodeled yet. So it’s entirely possible that the room you were in still had the old mattresses.

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