The Crab Question.... Is Cape May still serving them :)

I have heard that Cape May took crabs off the menu. I have an ADR there for Aug 23 and I would consider changing it if the crabs are no longer being served. Has anyone eaten there lately?

July 6th for dinner – still had crab legs.

I went up to the desk at Cape May and asked “Do you serve crabs for dinner?” And the CM said “Have a seat, we’ll serve anyone!” :smiley:


As of last Thurs, yes! Heaps upon heaps of them on many plates

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There was a report that Cape May said they were not eliminating the crab legs.

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Do you have the URL??

No, I should have been clearer. A liner at BC reported on lines the other day. They posted they talked to the manager. The manager said the on line menu was wrong and there were no changes planned.

Good to know! Thank you!



I got really annoyed about what was being posted and linked on chat from disboards so I emailed DFB and asked them to find out. I received an answer from Kim at DFB:

Yep, they have been removed from the official online menu, but I spoke on the phone with a manager, and the crab legs are still there, and the managers said they are staying (understandably, they had to give the official line of “subject to change at anytime.”). They had no idea why they aren’t on the online menu anymore. I think that’s the best management is able to give right now.

If we hear anything more, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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Thanks @PrincipalTinker for trying to get to the bottom of the crab issue :wink:

It’s a shame there’s so much confusion. I actually cancelled an ADR there earlier in the month because they were off the official menu.

That’s my line…

ok y’all here is my first official post in the forum. Yay for crab legs and yay for helpful advice and fun and funny responses :slight_smile:

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the best I could do on Lines…

“Just don’t ask the greeters if they have crab legs…”

The wind you hear was my best line of the day going over peoples’ heads

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@Kaylee1006! I am so happy to “see” you!

you, too!!! a little overwhelmed but happy to see my people :smile:

Just take it one post at a time ! :smiley:

Did the link to disboards make you crabby @PrincipalTinker???


One would think that it would be less work for Disney to just add the crab legs back onto their online menu as opposed to answering all of the calls and emails to them that have been created over this. I simply can’t imagine that adjusting the online menu is really that difficult. :confused: