The Commercial that Crushes ! (a short diary)

So I don’t know where else I can go with this.

The new Disney Commercial with the father dropping off his daughter in college destroys me. I am buying my oldest her first car for Xmas and touring different colleges this spring.


My girls’ mother and I split up in 2010. We are very good friends and my girls have a great life as we pride ourselves as co-parents. But it was still a divorce and heartbreaking in many ways. After being low for a year and a half, I took my angels to DW in the summer of 2012 for 10 DAYS !!!. One night in particular at Epcot was the night when life felt really good again.

My oldest is sentimental and ‘gets it’! She walked out of Avengers EndGame and cried. She understood that the Marvel Movies were something we looked forward to and talked about for a decade and the excitement and meaning for it ended with the movie.

So when we watched the ‘Commercial that Crushes’ I turned to them and said “again?” On the fence for a run this summer but it is saddening that the magic has faded a little.

I hope many of you can relate. Literally many of my greatest memories are of me and my angels holding hands making the world tour in Epcot, having dinner at Beast’s Castle or riding Everest 10 times.

And for everyone with younger ones. Go! Go! and Go Again. It’s the best and it doesn’t last forever.



Totally get it. My DD just turned 18 and is going away for College next year. Saw this ad and almost booked a trip!


You can’t just go around throwing pixie dust in people’s eyes like that with no warning! You’re a monster!



I would go all I could afford to. My girls are 9 and we just got back. We went for the first time when they were 6.

That commercial hit home to me when I saw it. I knew we were making the right choice by going again. And my daughter wrote a short paragraph in occupational therapy. The last sentence got me: “I had fun with my family.”

She can make me sentimental so easily.


Mine are 29, 25, and 21 – DD21 came from college to spend Wine and Dine race weekend with me last month and DS29 is joining my special Xmas trip next week. I pretend this is for them but of course it is because Disney is not really Disney without them and my memories of our time together.

Waiting for grandchildren :slight_smile:


The bubble is indeed a special place. We have all our best times within its protective dome and we make so many wonderful memories. How can we keep from returning? Wouldn’t want to stop anyway…


Thanks for sharing…So many good memories
This past May, my DD20 and I celebrated the close of her sophomore year at university with a week at WDW…The last time we went was when she was 12…Next time we hope not so little any more brother and father/hubby can join us to create new Disney memories.