The Budget


So we have our tickets, room, air fare, rental car and food budgeted. This is our third trip and I really feel like I am forgetting other costs. I believe parking has increased since we went last but what are some other costs that you typically forget (or try not to forget)?


restaurant tips for TS (could be $$$ depending on meal choices), souvenirs, adult beverages, parking, mousekeeping or other tips

We calculate those and then have a $100 miscellaneous fund in our budget for things we forgot.



Snacks (beyond normal meals).

Special activities (dessert party, The VOID, tours, etc).




Are you sure it’s not a Mouscellaneous Fund? :smiley:


I fill out Mousekeeping tip envelopes ahead of time so they are all accounted for and usually have another $20 in $1 bills for additional tipping I may forget about (baggage handlers, grocery deliveries, etc).


It sounds like you will have a car but for us, we really didn’t budget well for Lyft/Uber. We used it a lot more than we thought we would. Souvenirs and small out of pocket things like snacks, drinks (if you aren’t on dining plan), tips. Definitely have a wide range of denominations of dollar bills, we ended up tipping the DME driver $20 because that is all we had. I also spent way more on souvenirs (especially at Disney Springs) because there were so many cool stores and I want it all!! :slight_smile:


Ooh. I like that! I think I’m going to put that on our spending money envelopes from now on.

WDW Geeks Unite!


This might be helpful.


Yes we will be at Disney Springs and all I budgeted was our meal! Thanks for the reminder!


This is fantastic!


You can use the Uber app to plan a trip from A to B and see what the standard charge will be. I budgeted for all my planned Uber trips that way.

Locker rental at HS & Epcot IG is $10.