The Bourne Stuntacular - Opens 6/30

Yesterday Universal announced the new Bourne Stuntacular is opening June 30. Yes, I know, short notice but I understand by they might not want to make a big, flashy opening announcement weeks out. They also uploaded a preview of the show to YouTube with interviews an behind the scenes segments.


I love that they are role modeling and wearing masks! I guess the scenes were filmed pre C-19?

I think so. Looking at the clips they show, I do worry that the mask/no mask will separate the screen from the stage.

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Wow. I wasn’t sure I was going to be interested in seeing this show or not…but seeing at least a portion of that preview makes me kind of excited to see it.

The nice thing about Universal is that they don’t build up the expectations of guests and fans with proclamations of opening “spring of 2020” and then fail to deliver on time.


We saw a technical rehearsal of this 2 weeks ago, it was amazing (and they all wore masks).