The BIG TRIP pre planning UOR only

The BIG WDW trip pre planning part 1 Universal only

We are going to WDW in Jan 2023 (Part 1) and March 2023 (Part 2). Due to DH’s cancer and other factors this is probably the last big trip anywhere that we will be doing together. Because of this I’m thinking of these trips as Part 1 and Part 2. Because of some unfortunate revelations on our recent DL trip where I felt very “off” not nauseous on IC and SM, we will be limiting roller coasters a little bit. However, due to my weight loss and possibly being able to fit (particularly at Universal) finally I may at least try the tester seats. It’s complicated.

Part 1: Universal and WDW - DAK emphasis

We are going in Jan so we can enjoy the parks in cooler temps than our June 2021 trip. Arrive 1/23 at 5:21 pm and depart 2/4 at 2:30 pm.

Accommodations: HRH 1/23 to 1/27 w 2 ECVs, 4 day 2 park hoppers, with their version of DAS

The Plan: (depending on which park has EPA the first two days may change slightly)

Monday 1/23 arrive 1/23 at 5:21 and take Universal’s shuttle to HRH. Probably will get there too late to go to parks. Get dinner somewhere at hotel or CityWalk.

Tuesday 1/24 we have a prepaid breakfast at the 3 Broomsticks so initial TP starts at IOA at HP.

Try out tester seats for Hagrids and FJ. Will likely try Hagrids but still undecided about FJ due to “off” concerns.

Flight of Hippogriff and watch shows.
Breakfast around 10 am at 3B
Marvel area doing Spider-Man and Dr. Doom if fit.
QS lunch then 1.5 to 2 hr break to hotel
Afternoon in Studios
Check seat at Gringotts (want to ride at some point)
Bourne Stunt Show
Epic Cinema Show
Dinner at Cowfish

Wednesday 1/25 will start with EPA park if there is one/ 2 hour break after lunch

Despicable Me
Mummy check seat (will want to ride)
F & F
Gringotts ride
Animal Actors
Beat Builders

Mythos lunch
Poseidon’s Fury
Seuss land rides
Raptor encounter
Skull Island
Castle show if there is one

Thursday 1/26 we have a prepaid breakfast at the LC
Diagon Alley
Repeat/ride anything in either park
Do missed activities in either park

Friday 1/27
May go in parks for last shopping etc and lunch at LC or 3B
Head to WDW after lunch likely using Lyft for the first time

Will very likely avoid: VC, RRR, Hulk
Will try for free backstage tour on: MIB, ET, Mummy, Gringotts, Hulk, Dr. Doom, Kong, VC, Castle tour


Looks great :star_struck: You’re already a Universal touring pro!


Lol. Hardly but we want another shot at it. Thanks.


Looks very manageable!

You definitely should do the VC tour if you are a Jurassic movie fan. I actually enjoy the queue and find Easter eggs habitually

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Hope you have a great trip. I’ll be there (again) two days after you leave HRH, so no meetup.

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Have never stayed here, although it’s on my list for when we go. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

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We stayed there in 2021. It’s nice. Large and good potential for getting lost, but nice. I’ll make sure to take pictures this time.


I’ve toured HRH and eaten at The Kitchen. It’s really beautiful and seems luxurious! I would love to stay there one day!


Sounds like a great trip @mathhound, and not long to go!! :partying_face:

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thanks for taking us along! (and really enjoyed reading about your dl trip.) wishing nothing but the best for this next set!

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Scooter reservations have been made! Using again! Got a nice 15% off discount for being repeat customers!