The Bad Weather thread

Several years ago, we were in Orlando (going to Universal that trip, but I put this discussion in WDW because it applies there just as much, and there is no thread that covers both) when a tropical storm passed over Florida.

That year, we had four day tickets, were staying off site in the Floridays resort. On day two, halfway through the day, the storm front started over the Orlando area, and it was torrential rain for the next day and a half. As a result, we left the park early that day, and skipped going to the park the next day entirely. (We rearranged our schedule so that we still got to use our fourth day by shortening my stay with my parents on the backend.)

But I thought it might be interesting to share the kinds of things you all do when there is severe weather. I’m not necessarily meaning for a brief rain for an hour or two, but not ruling that out either.

In our case, we found a Redbox and rented a few movies, hunkering down in our resort for a day watching said movies, and playing board games together.

When the weather turns sour, what do you do?

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We eat and shop. Those days can be full of great memories, but get costly quickly.


In Orlando? I parked the kids in the tub with their iPads when we got tornado warnings. Once we thought enough time passed we spent a rainy day resort hopping before ending up having an awesome night at Disney Springs. Meanwhile my BFF and her kids were running around the parks, loving the lack of lines and navigating around the closures.

At home? The last time we had a hurricane predicted it coincided with our annual Halloween brunch. H was running around prepping for the hurricane while I was doing last minute party prep. The storm turned out to sea so we were spared.

I always wanted to have one rainy beach day when we vacationed as a kid. Lots of board games and bad food - and sweatshirts in the summer time. Maybe a fire if it got chilly enough.

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We don’t go in bad weather. We simply make that as a request on out TP fax. Honored every time so far.


If it’s just torrential rain, we’re probably in the parks touring. Drenched. Doubting our sanity.

We’ve not experienced a tropical storm or stronger while at WDW.

In 2008 we were slogging thru ankle deep water at Epcot headed to Akershus for supper whilst some hurricane was visiting LA/MS. That hurricane had flung a spiral band of rain and winds across FL impacting our Epcot evening.

The flooded walkways were deserted. We saw one CM staggering against the wind in a complete rain suit. Definitely envied that. Another doubt our sanity moment.

We arrived to find Akershus packed with fully gussied up little princesses. HOW did they arrive in full costume and still dry !?!?

As we shivered in the air conditioning it occurred to me somebody with a warm towel concession could have made a bundle at that restaurant that night.