The Art of LUCA (concept art book)

Disney has released the Art of Luca (the book that walks you through all the concept art and stuff of the movie) for free (for a limited time it seems)

Not my favorite movie, but interesting all the same. 180 pages of art-nerdiness.


Ohhhh, thank you for sharing this link! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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That’s pretty cool! Flipping through the first pages with teeeeeeeeeeny weenie print I find myself wondering if this is available as an actual book or strictly digital?

1 Like The Art of Luca: 9781797207254: Strijleva, Daniela, Casarosa, Enrico: Books

I like to take pages from books like these to frame & hang them



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Anyone know how to download it? This format really does suck

I was wondering the same thing …

huh… the format is fine for me, I can even go full screen if I want…

It’s not that, I just want to have it on my hard drive and the “page flipping” i find annoying.

(the file doesn’t even appear in the source code. I’m guessing we’re not supposed to download it)

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