The 45 day calm

:heavy_check_mark: My Fast Passes are made and modified to near perfection.

:heavy_check_mark: My ADRs have been tweaked multiple times and finally finalized.

:heavy_check_mark: My Touring Plans looks pretty darn good.

I’m smack in between the 60 day excitement and the 30 day rush. What do you do during the 45 day calm? :slight_smile:


I’m at 50 days out, so I get it! :slightly_smiling_face:


(1) Hang out on the TP Boards.

(2) Talk to my kids about all the fun plans we have.

(3) Continue to make minor tweaks to the schedule and think about all the possibilities.

(4) Start thinking about when we will go on the NEXT WDW trip … it’s never too early.

(5) Annoy my wife by constantly talking about our upcoming WDW trip! :slight_smile:


YES! Sounds like we’re doing all the same things! :joy:


(6) watch tons of Disney movies

(7) listen to orchestral disney music.


All of the above!!

(8) watch you tube videos of people doing the things I will be doing and imagining myself there - Rope dropping, EMM, EMH, grabbing extra fast passes, snacks, finding fireworks viewing spots, just riding rides, resort tours, resort buses


ok…so these … 8 things takes care of the first day of the wait. Now what? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love watching videos! I especially like watching them with my boys. It’s their first time going to WDW and I’m trying to get them comfortable with the idea of rides in hopes they won’t freak out. Especially my 4 year old. He’s our wild card! Do you have any specific ones you like the watch? I just do a basic search on YouTube for ride videos and park tours. My 4 year old loves them but I’m running out of ideas to search!

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When is your trip, @Laura_hastings? Our is May 26th - June 2nd.

As for us, this isn’t quite the 45 Day Calm… it won’t be real for our family until we pay off the vacation in full… and we have another 10 days to do that.

I have always saved my online checkin and TP room request for day 45. I NEED to do something!


May 29 - June 4 (Today is actually my Day 43, but I’ve been feeling this way for a few days) I added EMM TSL to my plan last week because I think I feel like I need to do something. Which is not good for my budget.
@PrincipalTinker That is so smart!

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Great. I’d love to see your daily plan if you feel comfortable sharing.
This is what I’ve put together for our trip.

I’m at day 53, so pretty close to you. I’m doing all of the above, plus

  1. Plan my outfits for each park day (including 2 days at Universal)
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:thinking: read up on best snacks, etc. in each park? Do you have maps so that you can get an idea on how to get from point to point in each park (not just the TP maps included in each plan). Best ways to get from hotel to park or hotel to another hotel?


I’m just a bit behind you at 62 days out. (FPP day Thur, woohoo!) I plan to hopefully not touch my plans after this week. I’m going to focus on the fun stuff like shopping for Disney pjs, looking at menus, watching Disney movies/videos, and annoying my family by listening to Disney music non stop. :grin:


One of my favorite things to do! I’ve been collecting shirts for our family (not matching, but all Disney) and I did force myself to wait until NOW to start actually planning the daily outfits. I plan to do that this weekend and I’m so excited :slight_smile: I also made a packing list.


Spreadsheet Envy! :open_mouth: Maybe that’s what I need to be doing. I should put all of my plans into a spreadsheet. Right now I just have a basic outline on a Word document and then specific day plans with notes and times on my Touring Plans. :thinking: Here’s my basic outline:

WEDNESDAY, MAY 29- 1 TS, 1 snack
4:00- Wake up
5:00 Leave for Hobby
7:05- Flight
10:20- Arrive, find Magical Express
12:30- arrive at Animal Kingdom Lodge, get stroller from front desk
1:00- Take Bus to Disney Springs
2:45- T-Rex Reservation
4:00- head back to hotel, check in room and swim!
7:00- have a snack and go to bed

THURSDAY, MAY 30- EPCOT DAY- 2 QS, 2 snacks
5:30- Wake up
6:30- get to the bus OR Uber to Beach Club and walk boardwalk to Intl Gateway, snack at boardwalk bakery
7:30- Epcot to Rope Drop FEA @ 8:00
-Eat a QS lunch or snacks as lunch at kiosks for flower and garden
3:00- done with Epcot
4:00- back at the hotel to swim, dinner at QS

FRIDAY, MAY 31- MAGIC KINGDOM- 1 QS, 2 snacks, 1 paid dessert party
5:30- Wake up (eat breakfast in room)
6:30- get to the bus (Minnie Van?)
7:30- MK, head to Mickey @ Town Square Theatre @ 8
11:05- reservation at BOG
1:00- leave the park to rest (2-4:30)
4:45- Leave resort if we want to see 5:45 Move It Dance Party parade
7:45- Be at Tomorrowland Terrace for Dessert Party, Fireworks at 8:45
11:00 – Hopefully be back at hotel asleep

SATURDAY, June 1- ANIMAL KINGDOM- 1 TS, 1 QS, 2 snacks
8:00- wake up
9:00- bus to AK
1:00- Lunch at Tusker House
6:00- Be done with AK and have QS dinner (Flame Tree?), head back to hotel

SUNDAY, June 2- MAGIC KINGDOM- 2 TS, 1 QS, 2 snacks
5:30- wake up
6:30- get to bus (Minnie Van?)
7:30- be at far left turnstile for Early Morning Magic FL
9:40- Eat breakfast at Cosmic Rays
10:00- done with breakfast, start TP
12:30- leave park to rest, grab QS lunch (1:30-4:30)
4:30- bus back to MK
5:45- Cinderella’s Royal Table for Dinner

5:00- wake up
6:00- get to bus (Uber?)
7:00- Arrive @ HS for Early Morning Magic TSL
Snacks for lunch
4:30- take a bus to Contemporary Resort then a boat to Ft Wilderness
6:15- Hoop Dee Doo Revue (be there at 5:45)

TUESDAY, June 4- Go Home Day- 1 Snack, 1 QS
11:00- Check out & Give back Stroller, check in flight and leave luggage (need clothes for change)
12:00-3:00- swim & eat lunch
3:00- Get dressed
3:30 - Magical Express pick up for 6:40 flight


Do you guys think my wake up times are ridiculous? :rofl::rofl: Do I need to be at Epcot 30 min before EMH starts (going to FEA)? Do I need to be at MK 30 min before EMH starts (going to Mickey townsquare)? And do I need to leave my resort a full hour before I want to arrive if we take Uber vs Bus? (staying at AKL)

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@JonMcIntosh that is one beautiful spreadsheet!


Only you know your family, but my kids (and DW!) would revolt. That’s why I only planned 3 RD days and hopefully plenty of times throughout the week to sleep in or head back for naps. Most of our kids (ages 4 - 13) are night owls and struggle to get up in the morning. Add the Central Time to Eastern Time change, and I will be lucky to get them up at 7 on our first MK day.

Ha! Thank you, @jodielyon. That made me smile.

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