That update last night had me worried!

All seems to be well again, but last night when I got the email update about the change in the crowd calendar for next month, it had me scared.

When I visited the blog, I saw that Steve said there was an error in the data and it was being corrected. I thought I was ready to go with my plans, then saw some pretty drastic increases.

It looks like it was corrected as I got another update email a few hours later and my dashboard is not showing any crazy changes.

Thanks to the team for addressing it right away before anyone (me) really freaked out!


Yes, I’ve had a corrected Universal Studios timetable come through for next March, the first one had everything going up to 8s and 9s, which freaked me out. But I’m still waiting on a fixed Disney timetable to come through, as currently AK and HS have jumped from 3s and 4s to 10s - argghh. I assume it’s just the stats messing up - I HOPE.

There’s no hope for my trip at all. It’s Christmas week. I’m sure that the crowd levels for all parks will all go up to 10. I’m just surprised that they went down.

Me too! I got that email last night–right before I went to bed. There were increases on all 14 days of my upcoming two trips. The October trip increases were up 1 or 2 CL–no big deal and I wasn’t worried. Of course we are going for F&W so there’s that.
But for my spring break trip–all of my days were increased. 4 of my 9 days went to 10 and 2 days went to 9!!! One of the days went from a 6 to 10! I usually take increases of 1-2 CL in stride bc TPs always save the day, but 10s scare me. I had some crazy dreams trying to rearrange my plans last night.

So glad that was resolved so quickly and I don’t have to start from ground zero this am. Thank you Len and team. Note to self: always read crowd tracker updates in the morning.

I got the increase email, too, but now, my AK and HS have gone down even lower than they were on a couple of days. Unfortunately, the best days for both are the same days and I don’t have a PH. Also, we like doing 2 days, then a break and 2 more. Now, it looks like I’m doing 1 day, then break and then 3. DH isn’t going to like having to RD 3 days in a row. Well, I don’t think the teen DSs will like it either, but it MUST BE DONE! lol.

I received three updates last night. I am confused as to which one I should review? Does anyone have any idea?

Yes, the last one should be right: