That‘s it - Trip report 11/26 - 12/05


Currently I am sitting on my bed at Caribbean Beach waiting for my husband to get dressed and enjoy some last hours in a park, before Tragical Express will finally pick us up.

Post Disney blues is already in full swing and I‘ve got no clue what to do about it. No more Mickey waffles, no more Illuminations Soundtrack stuck in my head :frowning:

But we had 10 magical days. Highlight was CP with NPH. So wonderful.

I will continue this from home. So stay tuned :slight_smile:


The only cure is to plan another trip! Glad you had a wonderful vacation.


Not gonna sugar coat it: the mco approaching video on dme is gonna hurt.


So, here we go.

Arrival day 11/26:

I don’t know why, but Florida doesn’t like us. It was our second time and again it was raining cats and dogs when we arrived, this time including a thunderstorm, so our plane had to wait before it could finally get to the gate.
Immigration took a while, but was smooth and our luggage was already on the belt and so off we went to DME. I got my room ready message and was surprised. We had booked a standard room and I requested 5264. I got 2403 in Martinique which is technically an upgrade, because it’s preferred. Preferred always was something I thought wouldn’t be worth the money. But now I know it is.
We were lucky enough to be able to hop on DME just before it started. So, from getting our luggage to arrival at the resort it took only about an hour.
I really like the new Old Port Royale. Yes, it feels crowded sometimes, but it is a really nice place.
We could have walked to our room directly, but I wanted to pick up our new Magic Bands, as they don’t ship to Germany. The CM at check in was the only one I encountered to be not so nice. When I asked for the Magic Bands he starred at me like that was a stupid question. He went to get them, handed them over to me and waved goodbye. No word about a resort plan, resort activities or anything else. Well, not that I need that, but I think you know what I mean and some information would have been great.
I lke bell services, but I just wasn’t worth the drive. We were just in the car, when we had to get off again :joy: One of the advantages of a preferred room. The walk from our room to OPR was just about five minutes. As the room was not only preferred, but also wheelchair accessible it was a little big bigger with a lot of space in the bathroom. Really nice!

We had to collect the gift cards that were included in our package from The World of Disney, so we boarded the bus to Disney Springs. Luckily the rain had stopped and we could explore Disney Springs a little more this time. What a nice place. Especially with all the Christmas decorations.

I really wanted to get me some Mickey Ears this time, but Disney doesn’t carry them for big heads like mine. Really nothing fits and the headbands are only available in Minnie designs, which would be fine for me, but I couldn’t decide which one to buy :wink:

After we collected the gift card, we had dinner at D-Luxe Burger. The burgers are great there and in my opinion they have the best fries you can find at WDW. This was also the first time I used mobile order, which is a great thing. No standing in line and your food arrives in a breeze. Well, at least when Disney’s Wi-Fi works.

After this we took the bus back to the hotel, as the next day would be MK and MVMCP.

Day 2 11/27: Magic Kingdom and MVMCP

Originally I had planned BOG at 8am, but I postponed it to 10am as I knew we would be tired from traveling. Well, in the end we were up at 6, so we went to MK early and arrived there at about 8:30 and had enough time for pictures. MK is so beautiful at Christmas time. As we walked down Main Street we saw the Trolley Show. I didn’t know they do that pre park opening, but it was great.

We were so early that we started our plan before BOG and got the Railroad done (my husband considers the Railroad to be the first thing you have to do when at a Disney park) and met Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy. I love the character interactions at Disneyworld. It is so much fun to meet them. Well, usually it is, but more in this later.

One thing I learned on this trip: Don’t always stick to your plans and do what you want. We met so many characters we hadn’t planned on and did so many things we wouldn’t have done if I had insisted on sticking to the plans.

For most things TP predictions worked pretty well this day, so we arrived on time for our reservation at Crystal Palace. We had to wait a while for a table, which was fine because I had built in some extra time. Again, the characters were great, as was our server. But the food was… well. It wasn’t good, but also it wasn’t bad. We were on the dining plan (which was free) so I didn’t worry about getting the best value or the best food. I would have been annoyed if I had to pay the full price. I think I don’t have to mention that the place was crowded and noisy, but in the end, the whole thing was fun.

After we finished it was time for check in for the Christmas party. A CM gave us wrong information, so we stood in line at City Hall quite a while until I figured out that check-in was at Chamber of Commerce. We got our bands and walked over to get the first cookie and a picture taken.

We walked over to Fantasyland and met Ariel and did the ride. By this time it was freezing cold already and I was only in a sweater, because who expects Orlando to be as cold as Germany? Maybe I should have listened to the weather forecast?!

At around 5 we got in line for the dwarfs. This was the one meet&greet I was looking forward to the most. We could enter the tent at around 5:30 and the dwarfs arrived at 6:15. We were out by 6:45, so this worked pretty well. The dwarfs were great. I tried to cheer up Grumpy, but no chance :smiley: We got to Main Street at around 7 and the crowds were already waiting for the parade at 8:30 (!).

Most other M&G this evening were a disaster. We waited 60 minutes for Minnie & Daisy before we gave up. We were told that Donald and Scrooge was about 90 minutes wait. We got a cookie and hot cocoa (which was a blessing and it got me warm a little) and decided to watch the first parade and managed to find a more or less good spot at the hub. The parade is amazing, as is Holiday wishes.

The wait for Mr. Mouse himself wasn’t as bad as expected, so we got in line after the parade. I love his Christmas outfit and how he reacts to my Mickey tattoo :slight_smile: After wishes we tried to meet Jack & Sally, but the wait was still horribly long.

MVMCP was the one thing I was looking forward to the most. In the end it was a mess. It felt so crowded and lines were moving slow (except for the treats). It was somehow fun and a great atmosphere, but I definitely wouldn’t pay 110$ for this again. Maybe my expectations were too high. Regarding to TP this was one of the lesser crowded parties. So I wonder what happens at the party right before Christmas. No chance to move at all and get anything done I suppose.

And this is why I love Housekeeping :slight_smile:


Looking forward to reading more!


Day 3 11/28: 1900 Park Fare, Resort hopping, Animal Kingdom

Again I had planned a late start, because of MVMCP the night before and indeed we took it slowly this morning.

I love the new feature, that you can see bus times on the app. So we knew exactly when we had to leave the room to board the bus to MK for our 10:15am reservation at 1900 Park Fare. I totally wasn’t aware that we had to go through bag check at MK, but it only took about 10 minutes and just in time we hopped on a boat to the Grand Floridian. Again it was freezing cold, but I was prepared this time and wore my jacket.

I love breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. The food is good and the character interactions are great. Please have a look at Mary Poppins’ face. You will see her later again :wink: When I asked her why our hotel room doesn’t clean itself on a snap she told me that she measures practically perfect, while I measure absolutely lovely. I love it! :slight_smile:

I love the picture of Tigger with his miniature self.

We were ahead of time so explored the Grand Floridian. The Christmas tree and the gingerbread house are amazing and I was tempted to take a bite.
Our next stop was the gingerbread house at the Contemporary and so I got one thing done from my bucket list: taking the Monorail through the Contemporary. This was one of the first things I saw about Disneyworld when I was a Child and I had always dreamed about taking the whole circle. One thing I learned through the trip: Plan, but don’t overplan and take your time when you want to do something.

I love AK. It’s such a beautiful park and I could sit on a bench the whole day there and just watch people and animals.
First thing was Kilimanjaro Safari. I was so disappointed when we did it during our first trip and it was so much better this time. So many animals to watch.
After meeting Russel & Dug and Mickey & Minnie we watched the Festival of the Lion King for the first time. I always wondered why this show is so successful, but now I know. It’s such a great and fun show.
From there we walked the bridge over to Pandora. I have to admit that I have never seen Avatar, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but it is so impressive and detailed. We had Fastpass vor Na’vi this afternoon. Pretty impressive as well, but generally a boring boat ride I wouldn’t do again. At night Pandora is even more beautiful.

The original plan had us visiting Dinosaur now, but on our way we saw that Scrooge was still meeting. I don’t know if characterlocator was off with its times or if I am to stupid to use the page, but we saw many characters meeting later or earlier than Kenny predicted. However, we got in line for Scrooge as we missed him during the Christmas Party and it was one of my favorite M&G. He was so funny, when I asked for a Dollar and searchd his pockets. Great.

The line for Launchpad was already closed when we approached, but the Cast Member was so nice to let us enter and as we were the last to visit he spend a lot of time with us talking about his favorite plane and that he as well doesn’t get money from Scrooge.

We than hopped on a bus to Epcot, ate the worst burger ever at the Electric Umbrella, had a first ride on Soarin’ (I can’t tell you how I love this ride) and called it a night.

Day 4 11/29: Hollywood Studios

This morning started with breakfast at Centertown market. I ordered via the app und soon got my “Your order is ready for pick up” message. The food was there, but the cups for the coffee I ordered were missing. I had to ask for them three times until the guy behind the counter knew what I wanted and I got my coffee.

The walk form the bus stop at Hollywood Studios to park entrance is pretty long currently, so we arrived there at about 08:40 and they were already letting people into the park. But still we were ahead of time and had Mickey, Minnie and Olaf done bei 09:05.
Next stop was the little Mermaid. I love this movie, but this show needs an update. At least the projections should be upgraded to HD.
On this morning TP was pretty correct with predictions and we got everything done we wanted until it was time for our Fantasmic lunch at Hollywood & Vine. The last time we were here, the characters were amazing. This time, they were good, but nothing special and pretty fast. At least Minnie surprised me with a kiss :smiley: Our server, however, took forever. We were finished, I had signed the bill and it took her about 30 minutes to come back. I would have given her a sign, but she was nowhere to be seen. We hadn’t planned anything important right after lunch, so it was ok and I enjoyed my beer while watching the characters working their way through the room.

DH skipped Star Tours and I should have as well, as it left me a little dizzy.
The Frozen Sing-a-long is still such a cute show, especially with the holiday finale and even as an adult it is fun to sing-a-long.

Now it was time for something new, so we entered Toy Story Land, as we had FPP for Slinky. Toy Story Land is really cute and fun to explore, but it feels so crowded. SDD is so much fun and I was happy to know that we had a second FPP on Saturday.

We rode TSMM, which had a posted wait time of 45 minutes, but we waited over an hour.

At this point hubby left, as he wasn’t feeling good, so I finally had a bit of solo touring (don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to feel bad and leave, but a few hours alone were great after spending so much time together). I made my way up Hollywood Boulevard, enjoyed the projections and the snow and entered the Fantasmic theatre. The Cast Member asked why I had two tickets and when I explained that DH got ill, he said he was sorry and hoped I enjoyed the show anyway. This is one reason why I love Disney. In Germany nobody would have cared why I was alone with two tickets and if I enjoyed the show. I found myself a good seat and enjoyed the atmosphere. At 7:50 there was an announcement, that the show would be delayed which was repeated about every five minutes. While waiting, the atmosphere at the theatre got even better. People danced and sang and had a fun. At 8:25 it was finally announced the show was cancelled. Pretty bummed, as I like the show, I left the theatre and made my way back to the hotel, got me a slice of pizza and went to bed.


There must be something wrong with me. I love Na’vi. I plan to ride it multiple times on my upcoming trip. Yet there’s so little love for it.

The same is true of Fast and Furious at Universal Studios. No-one likes it apart from me. I thought it was really exciting and fun.


“Exciting”? No. However, it is a wonderful display of modern Disney ride technology. Projections, animatronics, lighting effects, sounds, subtle motions all working together to really create a believable space in a ridiculously small area.

Which is why I really like it. It also is not a retelling of the movie so, as always, good stuff from my POV.

The problem with the ride is it makes no sense. If you are going to be a new story, it needs to be understandable. FOP is understandable, you are there to ride a banshee for the first time (while its illogical, it is, at least, understandable). But the river ride is just you floating for some reason. Supposedly to get to know Pandora, but it never actually introduces you beyond visuals. (Hah, like the movie!)


I was referring to F&F, not Na’vi!


It’s the the same for me & Poseidon’s Fury at IoA. I really enjoyed this show, while most people are pretty annoyed from what I hear :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your trip report, looking forward to the rest.