That’s a lot of Simoleons

I just went to book the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party. USD$297… wow. I hadn’t been paying attention to how much this had gone up. That’s nuts!


It is crazy. Not sure I’ll be doing it again due to the increased cost.

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Was this after February when they add the beer and wine?

After doing the garden viewing party this last trip, I think we’re done with it. Desserts are ok (the Ooey gooey toffee cake is awesome), but they’ve started packing so many people in the reserved area, there’s not that much advantage to it anymore.

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I too am done with dessert parties. I was going to add the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party this next trip, but just cant justify the expense anymore.


I agree about the crowds. We did a garden party very early on when it was new and it was so nice. The last time we did it the garden area was crowded–now the after dessert party was not but that’s not the real point IMO. I really considered doing the dessert for Halloween because I know it will be insane that night for MNSSHP but ended up not.

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I’m right there with you, though I will say the FEA party is the best one. Having a table right up on the lake is a great way to watch! And the ride on FEA afterwards is a nice touch. Maybe they should add a ride on 7dmt to the HEA party. Then I might do it again


I really do like the FEA party for the same reason (and there’s alcohol:joy:). Your 7MDT idea is brilliant!!

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Yeah the first time we did the party was during a very busy spring break time but the garden viewing area was so uncrowded, we literally laid out on the fake grass.

This last time (which was a CL 2), we had to stand because there were so many people packed in there :confused:

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It’s definitely become more popular (and/or they are selling more tickets).

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This is the price I looked up for April 23, 2020. $400 Cdn!!

Yes, they increased the price and added beer and wine. There is one garden party without it,

I’m glad I’m not alone here. Anyone can check out my posting history, I’m not a big “Disney cost too much” person. But this is egregious. Value is relative and all that, I get it… but anyone who thinks this is a good use of $300 smackers is obviously coming from a much different angle than me.


Love the 7DMT idea. Still $200 +tax would get me a real nice dinner somewhere as opposed to mediocre desserts. Granted the FEA is the only one I have not done, maybe once the permanent show is there. Even at that it would be nice to maybe add some characters or something to give it a better value.


That’s it? For this price, I’d expect top-shelf liquor.
Glad we went when we did. Unlikely we’ll be going back.

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We did the Garden Plaza dessert party this past Wednesday. Pricey … very much so. Worth it … yup, it was worth it for us with a 2 y/o and a 4 y/o. If not for the party, we would have skipped the show. Even though the garden plaza area was crowded, we were still able to sit down until the show started and were able to see the show by standing up. The areas outside the garden plaza were much, much more crowded and I would not have brought my kids there.

If may kids were teens or older, however, we would skip paying the high prices for the party and just deal with the crowds.

Is it $15 or $20 more then when you did it?

I’m missing something here. The terrace dessert party is currently $99 per person with the AP pass for a random time in April. That’s only about $15 more than last year. What is it that everyone is talking about being $200+ ?

I’m either clueless or I guess that’s not so bad, if they added beer and wine. The Terrace area isn’t crowded and we really liked getting off our feet. I guess I think it’s still worth it.

(Of course I could be clueless AND think it’s not so bad, they’re not mutually exclusive qualities I suppose! :wink: )

The $297 I quoted in the OP is for 3 people.


Gotcha. Well, I have to say I’m huddling inside peering through the window at a blizzard whiteout with 8 inches of snow already on the ground. My sprinkler system has been frozen for two weeks, and that means busted pipes come spring.

I think that heavily influences my opinion. Yes I’d pay $99 to sit on the Terrace, sip wine and watch HEA. I would. Right now, preferably. Right this very minute!!