That moment when

You miss your reservation finder text and your Cali Grill date night hopes are tabled once again :sob::sob::sob:

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Another one is coming! Don’t panic yet!!! Best of luck!


You will get it! Re-set that search!

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Don’t give up. I’ve missed many texts and it seems another one usually comes along.

Thanks all! It is a riot though, when I saw I missed the text Im like STOP EVERYTHING FIND RESERVATION lol. I wasn’t close to my laptop so tried on my phone and almost got it. The time appeared I clicked it then I got the message “can’t complete your request” so I rushed to the laptop and by then - gone. I must say I do enjoy the hunt a bit though LOL


Fear not - I got three texts today for an ADR at BOG.

First text
Last night at 11:30 pm, missed it completely. So sad.

Second Text
Today 1:15 pm. My fingers flying, I drop everything at work to log in to the Disney site while jumping into iPhone Safari from my handy TP link. ALAS. Disney reservation system goes down. I’m crushed, yet somewhat hopeful. This ADR is such a long shot anyway. We’re looking for a breakfast on Aug. 25, the first day they re-open after refurbishment. I leave my Safari open on my iPhone and reset the request on TP.

Third Text
Today at 230 pm. This time, I’m faster than Tinkerbell. Be gone “Paws” error message with your super cute Lady and the Tramp illustration! I’M IN!!! I’d jump and down except that whole “at work and must be professional” thing.

All to say - don’t lose hope, don’t forget to reset your ADR request and much love to the wonderful engineers at TP who made this feature possible. :):grinning:


This comment is my favorite :heart_eyes: so happy for your success! Thank you for sharing!!

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