That moment when you realize you can't do EVERYTHING

I'm at 79 days today and I've started the process of simplifying my plans and canceling things that are probably impractical. It hurts! Does anyone experience this?

On arrival day, I know that I'll have time for a nice 4-5 hour evening in MK, but I've canceled the ADR I made for The Plaza. I'll be by myself and it's probably smarter to eat CS or snacks and not tie myself down or waste time with an ADR. I've never eaten at The Plaza though! Sigh.

On my first full day I have a Crystal Palace pre-RD ADR, will spend the day at MK, and will be meeting my friends for dinner at Raglan Road at 8 pm so we can kick off our girlfriend reunion. I was planning to try for a BOG FP for a late lunch, but now I'm thinking I should skip it and keep things flexible for attractions, wandering and shopping. Sigh.

On day 3 I'm not canceling anything or compromising one little bit. I refuse. I'm going to hit Epcot at RD, enjoy F&W for lunch, meet my friends at Via Napoli for a very early dinner and do the Illuminations dessert party. Whee!

Day 4 has become a compromise day though. One friend wants to do Akershus for breakfast and I'm not terribly excited about it. I think we will be very tired by this day, and I hate to give up prime Future World touring time. Sigh.

We will do more F&W for lunch. I had grand plans for us to leave Epcot when everyone became hot and tired and go to Sanaa for dinner. No one wants to go to that trouble though, so we canceled it and will stay at Epcot. We have an ADR for Restaurant Marrakesh, but it sounds like my friends want cancel that one too and "wing it" our last night together. Sigh.

My last day is going to be a 3/4 day at Hollywood Studios by myself and I have a lunch ADR for the Hollywood Brown Derby. I know I should probably cancel it and do their lounge, but I want to keep it.

So what do you think? Are the plans good? Would you do or not do any of these changes? Does it make you sad to give things up too? I wonder if my sadness about streamlining the plans is just planning fatigue.


Sigh. I lift my coffee and toast your uber-planning fortitude! Your plans sound lovely - even the edited versions - but I understand the frustration/indignance when the best made plans get "tweaked" by others or even that dreaded word: practicality. I had a small tear when I saw that Haunted Mansion is now closed for our trip - gah! wink I have made multiple PTPs for our trip that is still months away - now pooled together in a confusing pile called "This is the one!" and "This is really the one!" and "This is really REALLY the one!" blush I know you are going to have an amazing time, and a few less ADRs will likely work in your overall favour (that hurt a bit to say). You are a very kind and thoughtful friend to try to accommodate the wishes of your girlfriend reunion contingent. I would stick to your Brown Derby reservation to reward yourself on your last day, though, to celebrate what is sure to be a stellar trip, @SallyEppcot. smile


Totally get it. Find that personalized plans help me make those decisions as you've found. All a question of priorities and time available for us. Like that a personalized plan can show me if I'm too ambitious or even can squeeze in more stuff.


I think there is a difference in how you over plan. I have over planned and have run from one thing to another and have been exhausted by day 3. I have over planned and added resort breaks and ADRs and it was a tight schedule but I relaxed. You know you can always do a search for an ADR in the park or area you are in and you will have many choices.


Yes, I'm also sad when we have to give up plans. There's such a huge list of wonderful things to do at WDW and never enough time to do all of them. I have grand plans in the beginning, but then reality sets in and things have to be eliminated. I think your plans are well thought out and realistic. We always have to compromise when we travel with others, don't we?! I really want to do TTFDP in Jan, but DH doesn't want to and we would have to rearrange some plans to make it work. I'm consoling myself with the hope that DD19 and I can experience it during a future mother/daughter trip.

This is the downside of planning so far ahead. We have too much time to keep reviewing and second-guessing our decisions. I always have to force myself to step away from the plan!

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Thanks guys!

@LoveBug53 - "this is really REALLY the one" - I love it! I think I will take your advice and keep the HBD ADR for myself. I might just get an appetizer, Cobb salad and dessert, but I like the idea of sitting in luxury as my reward.

@scrapper1617 - Doing the dessert party during a mother/daughter trip sounds wonderful! I would love to lure my mom over to the Disney side with a mother/daughter trip.


Haa this is me -- my husband refuses to get excited when I tell him my plans because he knows they will change soon after.


Passst. AP. wink


DW and I view ADRs as a rest...figure you have a place with seating, AC, and food (even just apps., there's no rule saying you have to order entrees). In my opinion it's good to have those ADRs and FPP to plan around. There is plenty of time to "wing it" in between planned events. My though are, if your friends want to "wing it" great! But, for those who want to walk past the lines, even for CS, join me for seating and AC!


I agree with you @bajorek3! I think having one each day will be important for our group days. Thursday still feels a bit off to me. Only 2 of us are doing the Akershus breakfast. Everyone else will probably sleep in. It's our last night together, so we should go out with a bang, but they're not terribly interested in viewing Illuminations 2 nights in a row. I've suggested the After-Hour Wind-down, but nobody was interested. We are staying at POFQ (all except one person who is a YC) so we might do YeeHa Bob at the end of the evening. It's just dinner that feels anticlimactic. Maybe I'm just not terribly excited about Restaurant Marrakesh. I canceled a prime Rose & Crown dinner for that night because they felt it would be too similar to Raglan Road (truth) and because we were leaning toward Sanaa. Now that we're not doing Sanaa, I don't have much love for the new Thursday plan.

@Sorcerers_Apprentice - I wish I lived close enough to use an annual pass! Traveling from NM is just too far and expensive to do it more than 2x a year, and I doubt 2015 will be a repeat of the awesomeness Disney-centric 2014.

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Can I suggest that you go to the Boardwalk, stop in at the YC and visit the Crew's Cup for a while? That way if you are hungry you can get some good food too.

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Have you been to Akershus before? You might really like it! To help deal with problems like these, I got an AP. And then renewed it. Not totally helpful, I know.

There is actually sooo much at WDW that I haven't been able to do yet because I am always on my own with little kids. As they get older, we'll try more and more, I know. For now I try to smell the roses, lower expectations, enjoy the time we've got, and always try to include a couple new things to keep it interesting.


Arrival day: I agree to keep it flexible without an ADR.

Day 1: I WOULD book the BOG FPP. There is no cancellation fee since its not an ADR, so no harm in having it in case you decide you want to go!

Day 3 sounds great!

Day 4: What time is the ADR? Can you make it around brunch time so that you are able to hit the headliners at RD? I agree that hauling to Sanaa from Epcot during Food and Wine is a hassle, and probably not taking advantage of the delicious NOMZ at food and wine. You can always do a walk up at Tutto Gusto!

DHS Day: Keep your resey, HBD is great!!

Its tough to travel with a group when other people want to have opinions (THE NERVE!) LOL! It sounds like you have a great trip planned!


@PrincipalTinker - Good suggestion! I'm sure @LuvMuppets would be disappointed to know that the Lounge That Shall Not Be Named is definitely on my radar. I think that perhaps we should cancel the Restaurant Marrakesh ADR and "wing it" as my friends suggest, but my version of winging it will actually be a secret plan to end up on the Boardwalk at That Place or at one of the no-ADR places like Spice Road or Tutto Gusto.

@999HappyHaunts - Good advice! The Akershus ADR is at 8:20 am. I know it will only cut into the first bit of RD-style touring, so I'm willing.

Speaking of, @B_squared - You're right. I probably will like Akershus. Eating with the princesses is something my boys probably won't ever want to do, so this is my chance. Hmmm... I think I need an attitude adjustment. I should thank my friend for suggesting it. Also, you are wise like Yoda. smile


Can I say that I love these kinds of trip planning discussions? I love that the forum makes this easier. I wish more people would start their own threads like this. I would chime in!


I feel the same way. I wish we could convince more people to give the forum a try and share their knowledge.


Remember that the Place Thst Shall not be Namec is at YC, not Bw!

Thank you @LuvMuppets! One of my friends snagged a room at Yacht Club, so it would be nice to check it out. The rest of us are at POFQ. smile I'm glad you're not mad that it was mentioned.

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It really wasn't quite mentioned, was it?


I plan to the nth degree, even to the point of planning when to end up near a fpp kiosk at the right convenient times. Crazy, I know...

Having said that...

The one mistake I've made that I vowed not to do again was make too many adrs. One inevitably ends up planning too many other things around it the day of. "Do we have time for....? Can we ride something near x restaurant....?" It becomes limiting.

That being said, imo, epcot is the best park for adrs, simply because of the quality and variety of the food. Also, one can consider the meal to be an attraction, like germany, or scifi at HS. Also, one can kill two birds with one stone if characters are important to you. They come to you while you eat (you have to eat anyway) rather than waiting on line for them.

Lots to consider, but it sounds to me like you've got a great perspective on it, balancing time, scheduling, and being considerate of what your friends want to do, while trying to get in as much that you enjoy as possible.... without wearing yourself out.

I also like that you want the trip to end well, or with a bang, or something memorable.

It'll all be good. smile

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