Thanksgiving week

Hi all, tell me about thanksgiving week. How are crowds? Where would you suggest we a book our thanksgiving meal?

I went once and it was crowded.

As for where to eat… If you are talking this year, I’d say wherever you can get. Those ADRs have been open for a while.

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Oh not this year, our next trip is February. I’m thinking next year!

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I guess the question is, do you want regular Thanksgiving fare, or do you want something totally different?

Regular I think.

Liberty Tree Tavern would be the most traditional.

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I woukd agree with Liberty Tree Tavern, but Homecoming and Trail’s End May be options too?

Early in the week is not as crazy–crowds were not bad at all. Last time (2015 I think) we went that week, we left on Thanksgiving Day and headed to south Florida for the holiday weekend. The park was WAY more crowded on the Wednesday before, but that was our day 7 so we had done most attractions already. We had Thanksgiving lunch at Teppan Edo in Japan–very not traditional.