Thanksgiving Week w/MK Christmas Party - Yay or Nay

Family of 6 staying offsite the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 23rd - 30th).
Nov 24th (1st full day) MK has the Christmas Party so park closes at 6…ish… We’re not planning on going to the Christmas Party (mainly because we have to rope drop everyday to optimize our time) but I’m still considering going to MK because low crowds are predicted and i think we can get a LOT done in a short period of time… not to mention, we’ll be out early, in bed early :crossed_fingers:, & up and out pre-rope drop onto our next adventure. This isn’t our first rodeo so do plan on circling back around to MK later in the week if time permits - because who doesn’t like fireworks.

What do you think? Going to MK on a party day w/no party plans a good idea - yay or nay?
Has anyone ever gone to MK, not attended the party, during a week when CL was hovering at or around 10 in all the other parks? What was your experience?

Lastly, off topic, where can i find an evergreen list of acronyms because it can take me a good 15 - 20 mins to read ONE post if it’s mostly letters!:upside_down_face:


Here is a link that has the acronyms.

We did the party one night in 2016. It was fantastic. We also did one day in MK without the party, so they kicked us out at the start of the party. We still had a great time.

All that is to say this: We went the week before Thanksgiving. This year, we are going Thanksgiving week. All reports say that Thanksgiving week is much more crowded than the week before or after, so it may or may not be comparable. The important thing is to have a good touring plan and get there early. Those first 2 hours are the most important in terms of getting stuff done.

We were there last year during Thanksgiving week (and going back this year). I would venture to say that even with a party going on that day, the crowds won’t be low. That week is predicted as 10’s (and it will be). My guess is you’ll see 7-8-9’s that day at MK. So, I guess relatively compared with the rest of the week you may see slightly lower crowds, but I’d temper your expectations for how much you’ll actually be able to accomplish.

Also, I saw less advantage for rope drop that week last year than any other time I’ve been. It wasn’t as good as rope drop normally is, mostly because crowds are high during a holiday week.

I’ve been multiple times to MK on party days a few years ago. Crowds were lower for sure, but you probably can throw that out the window with it being Thanksgiving. We specifically choose those days because of lower crowds and we had young kid’s, so going RD to 7pm was more than enough time for them in the park. It does let you get back to the hotel and get a good night’s rest.

Understood. Considering what you said around a diminished benefit to both the lower-crowd party day AND rope drop bc of thanksgiving week, would you choose to go to MK with a CL of 7 that closes at 6 pm or full day at AK/ EP w/CLs of 9 and 8, respectively? Touring plans regardless goes w/o saying.

As long as you use a good touring plan, I’m not sure it really matters to be honest (though, that’s just my opinion). Last year that Sunday was an 8. Except for a very slight difference in ride waits, it’s not going to feel much different in my experience from an 8 to a 10. Sorry, I know that’s probably not much help! :smiley:

I’ve been twice during Thanksgiving week. Crowded, yes, but we managed to do everything we wanted to do with careful use of ADRs and FP. We were not trying to “do it all” however. But I don’t remember anything I really wanted to do that I couldn’t. It’s a fun time!