Thanksgiving week predictions

Hey @len, I have a question about Sunday Nov 23 – the Sunday at the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Right now the crowd calendar has Epcot listed as a 3, and I really hope that is correct, but it looks like in 2013 that day at EP was a lot busier… What do you think – is that 3 realistic?
Thanks for all you do!

Also, while I’m at it, anybody have an idea of when WDW will finally update MK opening times from 9 to 8 AM for that week? We are counting on some good early morning touring time! :slight_smile:

I’ll ask the stats guys. Thanks!

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Final updates are usually done about two weeks before the month starts, so any day now - see

Also, on really busy days WDW may do “day of” announcements of changes, but the are usually extensions of closing times.

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