Thanksgiving Week Parks

So, now that the crowd calendar has pretty much everything listed as 10 during Thanksgiving week, I’d love some advice and help on figuring out which park to hit each day.

We have decided on Epcot for Thanksgiving, but everything else is really up in the air. Will will arrive on Tuesday - after checking out from Universal (so no rope-drop that day). We don’t fly out until Saturday night late, so we have almost all day Saturday for visiting a park. So, that gives us three full days, and big parts of two other days.

What do you suggest?


We will be there the week of thanksgiving as well (this is our second trip during thanksgiving). Last time, I select park days based on a combo of how much time we want to spend in each, park hours, and dining reservations and it worked fine. When everything is pretty equally crowded, I feel like you can just pick anything and make it work with a good plan.

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Will you be using the EMH? MK has PM EMH on Wednesday and AM EMH on Friday (likely to be 7 AM)? If you aren’t sure you can make it and use the EMH then I’d pick a different park those days. That might be a factor. But really, I was there that week last year. It will be crowded everywhere so it won’t make too much difference.

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It seems like some people say to avoid parks with EMH because “that’s where everybody goes.” Other people, though, say it is worth it if you take advantage of those hours specifically (and then maybe not worry about the afternoon).

When crowd levels are at 10s everywhere, I’m not sure it really matters one way or the other…

Thanks for the feedback!

They are worth it IF you can take full advantage of it. For me, I know I cannot convince my family to show up at 7 AM or stay our until 1 AM so I avoid EMH on holiday weeks. Plus, from a fastpass perspective I feel (no idea if it’s true or not) I have better options on non EMH days because so many people on site just default to those days. Disney pushes them HEAVILY in the marketing as to why you should stay on site.

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