Thanksgiving Week park choices

I am trying to decide which parks to visit on each day - we’ll be there Weds 11/21 - Sat 11/24.
I originally was going to avoid Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving Day and go there on Friday but now as I look at the crowd levels MK is at an 8, EP 10, HS 10, AK 7 and Friday they are all at a 9.

If we don’t want to do Animal Kingdom on Thursday - would you recommend that we go to Magic Kingdom on Thanksgiving Day? We really don’t mind crowds and have annual passes so we’re going just to enjoy the holiday and the festive atmosphere. Also we are staying off property so extra hours are not helpful for us!
I am thinking
Weds - HS
Thurs - MK
Fri - EP
Sat - AK (1/2 day)
or I can flip flop MK & EP days?

Thanks for helping to stop overthinking this! :slight_smile:

Considering this, I’d probably choose the park for Thanksgiving Day based on what I wanted to eat. That always seems to be my first priority in most every situation though. :wink:

We will actually be there overlapping some days with you. We have hoppers so we jump a lot. We are doing MK 11/21 AK 11/22 HS 11/23 .whatever you do you better book your fast passes quick ! That’s a crazy busy week. Have fun .