Thanksgiving Week Crowd Calendar?

I’m hoping the Crowd Calendar is accurate for Thanksgiving Week! We’re doing a late-planned trip to WDW for Saturday, Nov. 17 through Tuesday, Nov. 20. The calendar shows 4s and 5s for overall crowds and park crowds (except fo MK on a couple of the days). Most of what I’ve read is how large the crowds are during that week. How does everyone feel about whether the Calendar is going to be accurate?

We will be there the 14th through the 21st and I am skeptical of those low crowd levels. My approach is to assume there will be large crowds and then just be thrilled if there aren’t. We went in 2014 and 2016 at that same time and definitely didn’t see crowds that low. Maybe we will get lucky this time though!

Amen. I am also planning on crazy crowds and if not, I will be pleasantly surprised.