Thanksgiving week after

Been this week the past two years and no issues with the crowds. I just looked and there is zero availability at any of the resorts for that week. If I picked Monday - Friday, I could do AKL and that’s it. We are already booked, but now I’m wondering if I should switch and go in Jan. The week of Christmas is full open for whatever I choose. So I’m baffled why this week is so busy now.

Simple answer = SWGE. It’s going to be less than 100 days since the land will have opened. Right now attendance is way down. (You can get value resort stays for $109 - $122… some dates with dining plan included)

People have postponed their traditional WDW vacations this summer waiting for SWGE to open.

Yeah but literally any other week has plenty of availability. We can’t go in the summer as my daughter, who is in a wheelchair, has seizures from being too hot. Which is why we’ve picked this week. I knew crowds would be increased because of GE but it’s odd that this week is sold out and none of the other weeks are. There was also plenty of dining to pick when I did it so the lack of rooms shocked me.

I confessed I didn’t check the reservation system before I spoke. So… I went ahead and did a fake reservation for that week for 2 adults & 2 kids. I found plenty of stays at all levels of resorts for up to 10 days. So I don’t know what you may be experiencing.

What dates? Not only did I look on the website, I also called and spoke to a CM who said there are 2 rooms right now for AK for 12/1-12/6 and that’s it. We are going 11/28-12/7 and there is not one thing.

Pop Warner is part of that week which impacts values.

But it’s every year and they normally don’t come till Thursday. We stay in value so we know when they come lol.

You said the week after Thanksgiving. 11/25/19 - 12/4/19 = the 10 days directly after Thanksgiving. I found plenty.

I just did a 12/1/19 - 12/10/19 check. I found spaces at The Boardwalk Villas through the WDW site - but they are Deluxe. Next, I checked Priceline and found rooms at the Disney Springs hotels for $120 / night.

If you aren’t familiar with using Hotel Canary with Priceline you may want to look it up. You can get good rooms like Swan & Dolphin or Pop Century for $99.

Thanksgiving is on 11/28, so that’s the week of. Like I said plenty of availability literally any other week.

I’m basing off of the Disney site. I’m wondering about the crowds and if this will mean the crowd calendar will be way off because of it. We’ve been this same week for a couple years and the crowd calendar looks the same as the past couple years but there were plenty of rooms available, and it was also free dining.

I don’t want to book somewhere else. I’ve already stated we are booked 11/28-12/7. But with a young kid in a wheelchair and using Disney transportation for the first time, I don’t want to be there when you can’t move.

LOL… It totally is! My bad… I don’t know why I thought it was on the previous week. Yeah… I cold only find Deluxe rooms that week and only at Boardwalk. Hmm… I like to go during this first week of December too.

Thanksgiving is late this year. I know when I was deciding on going this week or the week after, the values were already booked up for our arrival dates because of pop warner. So we stuck with this week. Dining was a breeze to get. I just added thanksgiving night two days ago because i was sick of waiting for flights to drop. I’m just a little worried using a bus especially with a heavy kid who can’t walk and is wheelchair bound.

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I had the EXACT same issue!!! I was trying to go 12/3-12/7, could not get anything through Disney’s website. Tried booking through my MVT agent and nothing was available either. I ended up (with pixie dust and help from a fellow liner) getting a reservation and now i’m going 12/4-12/8! I’m also nervous about the crowds because CL’s look pretty low for the most part. Does not explain 0 availability though WDW website. Hm…

Well I’ve priced out other times including flights and dropped from 9 nights, 8 park days (including thanksgiving night) to 6 nights, 5 park days and it’s about the same or a few dollars more. So we are going to power through this unless they release a good discount to entice me to switch. Plus I got all the good dining, BOG breakfast, lunch, dinner (one each on our MK days), ohana breakfast, 1900 park breakfast and dinner, Bon Voyage, the new Snow White one, akershus, garden grill, and Tusker (which we’ve had every year and always cancel lmao).

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