Thanksgiving Week 2018

Hello all! I just joined this forum to best plan for what I know is the most crowded time of the year at WDW. We have Wednesday 11/21- Sunday 11/15 to do parks. We have a 4 day MYW w/ PH. I am trying to figure out which four days to do parks, and which day to just enjoy resort and Disney Springs stuff. Thanksgiving Day we have the option to go see family for the day, but I am happy to spend the day in a park as well- I do not feel like we NEED to “do Thanksgiving”, if that makes sense. Four of us, kids are 13 and 11. So which 4 days and to which parks would you concentrate on each day? Thanks!

ETA we are staying at the Grand Floridian

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Hi and welcome! I am looking at a trip over the same period of time. I would start by looking at the crowd levels for each day and making a list of the must do things for your family. You can also look at the parks that will have extra magic hours on which days. Those parks will be more crowded, but they will give you more hours to tour.

I am guessing all parks will be at their highest crowd levels all year, LOL. Thinking it might not even matter which days. What I am now wondering, is if I should just decide on parks before my 60 day FP+ window, see what FP+ I am able to get for what times, and then make a touring plan based on the FP+ I was able to secure- work around those.

It actually doesn’t look as bad as Christmas. Wed. is a 9 overall crowd level, Thur. 8, Fri. 9, Sat. 7. On Wed., MK & Epcot are 9s and HS and AK are 10. I would say that points to going to MK or Epcot. On Thur. AK is a 7, HS & MK are 8 and Epcot is 9. You could do AK that day. Friday, Epcot is 8, AK & MK are 9 and HS is 10. I’d say Epcot for that day. Sat., MK & Epcot are 7, HS & AK are 9. HS that day?

MK on Wednesday to take advantage of EMH. They were open til 2 am this year. Don’t know if your 13 and 11 yr old could hang that late. I’m a night owl and have been since I was a small child, so it’s perfect for me. You could always take a break in the middle of the day and go back into MK for dinner or after dinner. If you are going to want to see HEA from the HUB, get there at least an hour early for a good spot. It was full 30 mins prior to showtime and they “closed” it meaning they started announcing it was full about 20 mins. before showtime. I suggest a late breakfast Thursday morning and sleep in a little. Then do AK or HS. We did AK in the morning, took a break for a late lunch and the HS for the evening. They will have all the Christmas stuff going by then so you can see Jingle Bell Jingle Bam, the snow on Sunset, and the projection show on Tower if they continue that next year. EPCOT on Friday because all the Christmas stuff will have started by then in each of the countries as well as the Candlelight Processional if you’re interested. I suggest doing the dining package for Candlelight so you get a guaranteed seat. If the narrator is a popular celebrity, seating may be difficult w/o the package.

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