Thanksgiving Week 18

We will be going to DL for the first time with the kids Monday - Thursday of Thanksgiving week.

On Tuesday DL is open 8am - Midnight with MM opening at 7am.

Do we really need to be there at 6:30? When first planning this trip, the crowds were around a 5 or 6. They then went up to 9 and now back down again.

How much can we really get done between 7 and say 9?

Family of 6; kids are 16, 13, 10 and 11 months.


I HIGHLY recommend getting there as early as humanly possible. One time for a 7 am mm we were able to do all of FL, MH, SM and Buzz, then breakfast at Jolly Holiday before 9 am. We counted 12 rides in all. We then finished the morning with IJ, HM and JC before taking a break at noon-ish. My strategy with crowds is to hit it hard as early as possible, then break when the crowds are heavy, then shut the place down!

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As a frequent DL visitor, I agree 100 percent with @carthy15 . Early starts will make all the difference in the world.

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I just noticed that Disney changed the hours for CA. It now doesn’t open until 11 am every day the week of Thanksgiving. This doesn’t make any sense to me. If the parks are packed, why wouldn’t CA open earlier to help absorb some of the crowds?

Where did you see this? I just checked the DL website and they have DCA opening at 8am with 7am EMH during the week of Thanksgiving.
No need to worry…I see on DLR Chat there was a glitch earlier. All is well again, the times are back to where they should be (8am open with 7am EMH).

I got an email from touring plans. I also checked the website to confirm. Looks like it I was mistake as I received another email from touring plans with updated hours. I checked the website again and they now have the regular hours listed.

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It was a glitch with the Disneyland site. When I got the email from TP I jumped on the official Disney site and confirmed the hours, now it is all back to normal. Phew :sweat_smile:

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