Thanksgiving Touring Plan

For Thanksgiving week (Nov 20-25), should I plan to RD EMHs or avoid EMH altogether and RD another park at normal opening?

I always avoid EMH. Have a great touring plan for a different park, be there an hour before opening, hit it hard, break at lunch.

What about PM EMHs? Like MK open until midnight?

I like early and late EMH. It’s a benefit of staying onsite. I use it and get lots done.

Assuming you’re an onsite guest, I would take full advantage of morning EMH - get as much pre-lunch park time as you can! There will almost certainly be a lower crowd during EMH than after the park opens.

If you can’t make it to early EMH, I would skip the EMH park for that day, except maybe as a late-day hop.

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Usually doesn’t affect my plans. Although I’d love to stay 'til Midnight, my party is usually exhausted and we never make it.

I believe The Unofficial Guide (ding!) also essentially says “don’t worry” about night time Magic Hours affecting your touring plans (assuming you don’t start at night).

Evening Extra Magic Hours, when a designated park remains open for Disney resort guests 2 hours beyond normal closing time, have less effect on the touring plans than early entry in the morning. Parks are almost never scheduled for both early entry and evening Extra Magic Hours on the same day. Thus a park offering evening Extra Magic Hours will enjoy a fairly normal morning and early afternoon. It’s not until late afternoon, when park hoppers coming from the other theme parks descend, that the late-closing park will become especially crowded. By that time, you’ll be well toward the end of your touring plan.

[p 370, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2018]