Thanksgiving Menu

Hi-We have a reservation at the Grand Floridian Cafe for Thanksgiving and it looks like they’re serving a Thanksgiving menu (as I think most places do that day). Do they have the regular menu as well? Kids menu? My kiddos are weirdos lol and aren’t huge fans of the typical Thanksgiving meal. Like literally they eat the turkey and a roll. Any previous experiences would be great-Thanks!

We are having Thanksgiving dinner at the GF too, but at 1900PF. I would assume they have the regular menu too. My kids are the same way.

Funny, we are staying at the GF and booked our Thanksgiving meal at Boma, but I’m second guessing that now. Thanksgiving is our one resort day and I can’t decide if we will be ready to explore other resorts by dinner time or just want to be able to walk downstairs and eat.

That’s too funny. We’ll be staying at AKL until the day before Thanksgiving.