Thanksgiving meals at WDW?


I am wondering if anyone has eaten at Sanaa or Trails End in WDW for Thanksgiving? I am wondering what to expect in terms of the Thanksgiving menu offerings.

Also, we are in particular search of some place offering sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving. If anyone knows if it is possible to find that in the parks, advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Dis Unplugged just had a youtube video about best restaurants for holiday meals, so I’d check that out. It didn’t sound like any of them actually change their menus though. Liberty Tree Tavern is the closest to a classic Thanksgiving, but I don’t think they have sweet potato casserole.

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As I understand it, a number of restaurants add turkey and other traditional dishes to their menus on Thanksgiving day. I don’t think those restaurants have been announced for this year yet, but here is the blog post on it from last year.