Thanksgiving Dinner Suggestions

I am hoping to secure ADR for Artist point for dinner on Thanksgiving, but in case I can’t, I would love some other suggestions for a “nicer” non park restaurant that will feel festive. It does not have to have a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey dinner. We will be spending the day at our resort (Grand Floridian) so can easily travel.

I think you will have no problem getting an Artist Point reservation. They will only be open for dinner. My favorite resort dining location is Jiko.

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This past Thanksgiving we had lunch at The Wave. It was very tasty! They had a buffet for salads/pre-meal items, then you ordered an entree off of the menu, followed by a dessert buffet. The only downside was the ambiance. I find The Wave to be so blah from a decor perspective.

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Turns out AP will be closed for refurbishment in November. Oh well…I ended up making reservations at Boma which we enjoyed three years ago. Not sure they will offer traditional Thanksgiving menu but I am ok with that.


We have an ADR that night at 1900PF in your backyard. It’s on the late side so I’ve been trying to move it earlier, but the reservation finder hasn’t come through so far.