Thanksgiving at MK - how much can I do before noon?

For those who have been to MK on Thanksgiving day, how much can we do before noon? It is a Crowd Level 10 day, and our first FP is at noon since our plan is to arrive at 8 am and have brunch/early lunch by 11 am. We would like to do Dumbo, Barnstormer, Under the Sea and Is a Small World before 11 am, is this doable?

Yes definitely. None of those are rides people are rushing to first anyways.


Good to hear. My kids are not interested in coaster, all they want to do is things they can’t find anywhere else. :slight_smile:

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One note about Barnstormer…the line can be deceptively slow. Even when we’ve been there with CLs of like 2, the wait for Barnstormer can be 30+ minutes easily.

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I would disagree about Dumbo. I would rope drop that one and then scoot to the rest. But Dumbo gets overrun pretty easily

I’ll make Dumbo the first one my list. It is actually a priority. Last time I rode it I was 5 years old, and now I get to ride it with my children.

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Dumbo has a nice queue with really fun stuff for the kids to do so that helps if there is a line.

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Agree about Dumbo. The wait times can be crazy on that one. We plan to hit it in the afternoon even if it is busy so the kids can play in the queue area for a bit. We find they still need plenty of time to run and play even when we have busy park days. Dumbo is great for letting them run around. Same with Tom Sawyer. The adults can rest in the AC while the kids run around. Win-win!


I’ve never been on Thanksgiving, but here’s what we did during President’s Day week, which is also busy. Winnie the Pooh & meet Ariel: 9-9:30. Barnstormer 4 times: 9:30-10. Dumbo including extra time at play area even after we could ride: 10-10:30. We did Small World ~11am with ~15 min wait. My recommendation for you would be to start with Under the Sea since that’s not as near the others, then Barnstomer and Dumbo, & finally Small World. I think you’ll have time for more, so you may want to add something before Under the Sea. maybe also some optional stuff, for if you have time. Have a great trip!

Also agree about Dumbo but on Thanksgiving it should be running at elfin capacity - they were only running one side when we were there. I’d do BS right afterwards.

Wouldn’t elfin capacity be more of a Christmas thing?

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As I understand Thanksgiving week is pretty busy, close to Christmas crowds.

Look for fast passes for all of these rides, and keep getting them. I did 2 trips with my kid’s and you could always get afternoon fast passes over and over again for Dumbo, Small World, and rides such as these.

That is the same thing we did. We did almost nothing without a FP and were never without something to do (at least in MK).

I went twice at Thanksgiving week in 2014 and 15. I haven’t been at Xmas but suspect that the crowds were much less. The only time I felt truly overrun with people was on Black Friday at MK during good weather. The same time the previous year in cold weather it was very manageable. It depends a lot on what park you do on those holiday days.