Thanksgiving 2017 Memory Maker Share

Looking for 1 or more other groups to share a Memory Maker. We will be there Nov. 24 - Dec 2nd. Payments will be arranged by Paypal. Thanks!

Did you ever find any other groups for your dates? I may be interested. Our travel dates are Dec 1 to Dec. 9

No, I haven’t had anyone interested yet, let me know!

Interested. Our dates are 11/28-12/4

Have you ever done a share before? From the forum it seems as if having a separate MDE account that everyone would friend is the best way to do it. Also it would be nice to have 1 or 2 more groups to reduce the cost.
Do you know if there is a way to “refresh” this post so maybe more people would see it?

I am local to the area and Am willing to host and share my Memory Maker.

Disney.Denise are you a AP? I’m not quite sure what you are offering. Did you already buy a MM for the end of November beginning of December?

Yes, Im have reservations for first of December. I am willing to do 50/50 on memory maker. It’s less confusing.

There is one other person on Nov. liners on Facebook that would like to be part of the share. Their dates are Nov. 14 to 17. Is everyone else still interested and do you want more groups or is this enough.

Me too! I want to join if there is still room! My dates are November 25 - December 1st. This would be my 4th share. We have gotten so used to getting the pictures without paying a fortune for it!

Cindy, I found the thread! My dates are Nov 14 to 17 with just 2 days in park . 25th anniversary plus DD and grandkids meeting us there.

VFLnSFD and Susanthompkins–I think there is room for both of you. That would make 5 if everyone else is still interested. Just waiting for a reply from BoilerMomPharmD and Gwenavyre.
I can set up PAYPAL and Disney account if that is good with everyone. With 5 groups that is $34 each group.

Yep I am in!

Great. Just waiting for Gwenavyre.

Woo Hoo! $34 is just my kind of deal!!


Great! I have not done PayPal for over 10 years but I am sure I can get it set up. Could you explain to me how this will work? I did one on my own but that was 8 years ago.

I’m good with this as well as long as everyone’s dates fit into the time frame allowed by Disney.

OK so we have 5 groups. Our dates range from Nov. 14 thru Dec. 9 which would be within the 30 days that Disney allows.
I don’t mind being in charge of the share if that is ok with everyone. I have a pay pal account and have been playing around on the my dis. experience and set up an ‘dummy’ account we can use for the share.
Like I posted before it will be $34 for each group and as long as you have a pay pal account (which is free) and have $34 in the account and send the money to me as friend and family there is no extra fee.
If anyone else would prefer to be in charge let me know. Otherwise I will buy the memory maker over the weekend and give everyone the rest of the details on how to friend the account.

Sounds great to me! Thank you for taking the lead!!

I sent everyone a private message about payments on paypal. Just making sure everyone got it.