Thanks Len and Staff


Well said Grumpy. I have been the bearer of controversial changes many times in my career and it is never easy. People generally don't like change and react to it in many different ways. Unfortunately change makes you famous for all the wrong reasons! smile I decided to try the forum and I am beginning to like it. However, I can't get it to work on my phone and it is probably something I am doing. I plan to return to the Chat Side to keep up with some of my favorite posters; yet, I like jumping from topic to topic on the Forum Side.

I agree with Grumpy you and staff will continue to make improvements and the info in one of your original posts, Len, made good sense. As TP grows, space becomes critical and in our fast world, people want info and want it now! So the Search Option is very important.

I am going to be in Forum for quite a while and look forward to what touringplans will offer in the future! Try Forums folks. I think you will begin to like it.


Well said. And drinking with @MDU is like a Pringles, you really can't have just one,

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