Thanks (I think)

This forum is so great for advice!!! Thanks to @JJT I found a great express deal on Priceline and was pretty sure which hotel it was (it was) and sure enough we extended our trip by one night to catch the new Cirque du Soleil show in previews (something I also read about on this forum) and that night will have dinner at Raglan Road for the first time (yes also heard about here!). Great success with all our ADR’s (BOG PPO👍) and sadly Chef Mickey’s (which I thought I had forever escaped) my kid picked Sana’a over Tusker House on our DAH AK night! My kiddo did agree to RD MK once I told her we could not get all 3 FP’s for SM ( yup heard it here) So once again THANK YOU to everyone!!! Now i’ll be over here redoing TP’s for the next 6 months!!! Please no more awesome suggestions that I can’t resist!!!


Definitely some great advice here on the forums. I think you’ll enjoy Raglan Road! And I would definitely pick Sanaa over TH, myself.

Me too! (but I would rather go to TH for Mickey) I really can’t believe we are going to Chef Mickey’s I thought I had avoided that and the teacups all these years!!!

ROFL! Well, the things we do for family. :slight_smile:

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You know, I rode the teacups last time I was there but demanded control over the spinner thing so that I could make it so that we didn’t spin at all! :joy:

But re: your larger point — yeah, the good recommendations here can be pretty dangerous(ly good).

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That is a great idea!!!

Seriously, I keep wanting to add more stuff to our trip! This forum is terrible for your budget!

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I gave up on a budget!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: