Thanks and observations from our trip

So sorry! What a frustrating start to a trip. Hope you find it straight away this time. Even having found it once now, I am not convinced I could again because we went the wrong way so many times based on staff directions that I have no idea what the direct right way looks like. Perhaps @mousematt is right just pause and think to yourself which way would be longer and go that way :slight_smile:


It was a tough start but once we found it, all was well! Though I remember we struggled to find the Virgin check in desk in the way back. Maybe I’m just not good with airports! I haven’t flown that many times.


I just saw another question about getting a spot for HEA. So I thought I would add that we in past trips have lined up on Main St. closer to the exit than the hug and found it no problem to get good spots for the FW show 15-30 mins. in advance and a very pleasant viewing experience. One of my sons really wanted to watch from the hub this time right in front of the castle. I told him we weren’t going to wait longer but we would check there first and if there were spots we could watch from there. We walked up about 30 minutes before HEA and had no problem at all finding ample spots for all 5 of us to watch. Had people been lined up defending spots for an hour? Yes, but there was plenty of space left. We never experienced any pushing, shoving, or anything like that. As other people came they just filled in where there was space. The exit took longer from there than our previous spaces for sure but still wasn’t that bad.


It seems to be weirdly in a different terminal to the one advertised.

I had a worse experience. I couldn’t find the Upper Class check-in desks and had to slum it in the Economy section. The UC desks were not signposted and were on the opposite side of the hall. Naturally, I wrote an angry e-mail to Virgin about this.


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I agree about the unnecessary difficulty in finding DME at MCO…It’s especially hard if you come in on SW. On May 4th, I had to ask 3 people where MDE was, and finally a TSA agent in a Starbucks line steered me the right way.
MCO needs an overhaul. It is one of the most stressful airports teaming with stress out people of all ages.
It’s like a mall in hell.


Yes we were flying SW and the directions made no sense compared to the signage and staff were clueless at best.


It is hard to Find! I only Found it because I read on here before our trip where it was.

I feel less dumb now I know other people couldn’t find it either!


We take luggage in the “lifts” whenever we have bags???

When we got to the bit where you can give them back to go to the second carousel or take them with you, there were little escalators - I don’t know what you call them, moving staircases - which we couldn’t do, so we asked to use the lift. But the security person there said our checked bags couldn’t go in it and we’d have to either send DS11 on the escalator with 3 suitcases plus his carry on, or we had to give them back and all go in the lift. That’s what we chose, since we had no option. We took our carry ons in it.

That’s so weird. I can’t even picture where you mean, about a second carousel. Is it perhaps only on the international side?

This is going to niggle at my brain for a bit.

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I don’t know, maybe.

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Wow…not take bags on an elevator?? That is.plain stupid. I am.sorry you had a rough time. Taking bags on the escalator can be a challenge have a stroller and or.a.wheelchair how do they expect you to


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When there are parties like. MNSSHP and MVMCP makes catching HAE so much harder as.more people are packed in for the few nights that is is on.

It was horrible at the time, but I’m over it now! Thanks.

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I have never been that time of year so that could absolutely be the case. The parties don’t interest me and the more I hear about the problems they cause your schedule the more I don’t want to be there around them. I have been over July 4th holiday in 2017 though and I would assume that MK FW show, which is only on two nights a year, draws a particularly large crowd. Walking up no earlier than 30 mins ahead and getting good viewing spots on Main St. worked for us just fine that night as well. Although that one was so great I would be glad to wait longer if I needed to. Best FW I have ever seen.

Happy to read multiple accounts of Southwest passengers with trouble finding DME. We had the same problem last trip, and this time I’m going solo. I read the directions that come with the luggage labels THREE times already, as I don’t want that hassle again. The directions seem clear on paper - but it’s another story when you get there. I tend to think things through in a very literal manner, so if the signage points slightly to the right - I go right. Signage is a huge problem at MCO.

Any-who - so glad you had a good trip. Thank you for sharing.


Hope you find it more easily this time and have a great trip!

This is awful!
I’m guessing an international thing, too.

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