Thanks and a few more questions

FPP day is complete! Thanks to all you experts for the tips and advice I’ve read about on here I got everything I wanted all within 10 minutes of the times I wanted them!! Best advice to other newbies, MODIFY!! just take the closest thing to what you want and go back in to modify and there was always something closer to the time I wanted.

Now on to the next stage of planning, I have a few more questions for you experts!

Luggage- Flight doesn’t arrive until 7:20 pm, we are using Magic Express but we should probably collect our own luggage correct? I’ve read it can take a few hours for luggage to get to your room, I don’t want it showing up after we are in bed.

Refillable mugs- do we have to be on the dining plan to get these or can we buy them at our resort separately? (staying at POFQ)

Memory Maker- is this linked to everyone in my group? Say my kids go on a ride or a meet and greet without me, will the pictures still show up or does it have to be my magic band that gets tagged?

EMH- how close to our trip do you think Disney will update EMH times? We are there the week of Christmas and the past several years EMH is at 7:00am, right now it’s listed as 8:00. Just wondering if I will be able to adjust TP’s before we get there or if this is something that happens on a day to day basis?

Thanks in advance, you guys are the best!

Luggage - presuming you’re not going to a park that night & planning a late night at MK, yes I’d probably collect your own bags. The one time we got in late, we were exhausted, ready for bed & had to wait up for the bags to arrive so we could use my son’s nebulizer before bed time.

Refillable Mugs - yes you can buy them on your own. Presuming you like soft drinks/hot chocolate and have someone willing to be the runner to go to the refill station they are a good deal typically. Just go to the QS location & they will have them at the register.

Memory Maker - yes - everyone that’s part of your MDE group should be linked. So as long as you added them into MDE for fast passes etc., you’re all set.

EMH - I’d presume a week or 2 before especially if it’s really EMH, but that’s a SWAG. I know for our trip the park hours changed at some point and I didn’t realize until week of though. Not sure if I missed it, or it was that late a change - was nice as MK was open far later so our last day we got some bonus time at MK until 1AM…

What @Damavs said is all accurate.

One thing I would add is that the mugs are really small. Like 4 good gulps small lol. Much smaller than I’d anticipated and we didn’t get nearly $20 worth out of them. By the time we walked down and filled them and walked back to the room they were nearly empty every time. Plus it’s hard to take to breakfast if you don’t plan on going back to your room because then you have to car them around with you all day.

ETA: Our last December trip the park hours changed 3 days before we left… nothing is final until you are walking in the gates.

Refillable mug: will you get at least 10 drinks during your stay? I always think of a soda or coffee as at least two dollars. The cups costs about 17.99 plus tax? So- almost $20?

This is the coffee cup my son makes his coffee in every morning:

I just took the picture with my iPad2 but you get the idea. This is a pretty common size Disney mug. Ever since we returned from our Labor Day trip he makes his coffee in this and then pours it into the refillable cup he bought on our last trip and brings takes it for the ride to work. That mug of coffee fills the refillable mug. They were handle less on our trip so it works great in his car.

@Kathy_Evans what do you mean by Modify? Is this something I do in my touring plans after making FPP reservations or something I do when reserving my FPP in MDE??

@u999wc9 it is MDE after you initially book your FPP you can Modify them and there were always more time slots available than the initial booking showed. So I just took what was closest to the time I wanted then when I had them all booked I went back through and modified the ones that weren’t the time I really wanted and usually found one that was! It makes a lot more sense when you can actually get in there and see how it works :wink:

Thank you all, once again you are a great help! Now I am thinking it would be more beneficial to just add some drinks to our grocery order. Most mornings will be grab n go for breakfast so we don’t want to lugging mugs around all day!