Thankful for MVT!

Just wanted to report another two thumbs up for MVT! Once the rumors came out about free dining dates and it looked like our dates weren’t going to match, we decided to go ahead and book with MVT. Their quote for 7 nights at POP with 7 day park hopper tickets for our family of four was $774 less than the price on Disney’s website. Now it’s confirmed that those rumors are correct and we really wouldn’t have qualified for free dining, so that $774 will go a long way toward paying for our food on this trip. Another happy customer!


We didn’t qualify either and even if we had OOP dining vs the room and tix savings with MVT saved us $800 over “free dining” and we are staying at Poly!! This is with 7TS (including CRT) and 7QS, mugs, and snacks OOP!! So excited we still saved so much for our family of 5!!

With free dining becoming obsolete for so many resorts (and probably non-existent next year) I’m so happy MVT has substantial savings otherwise it would be hard to get our Dis fix every year!


Just used MVT for our March 1 to the 15th Vacation. Everything went as planned! Saved $1000 and am now going on August the 15 to the 27th. Saving $4500 off rack rates for Poly. Thumbs up to MVT!


I just booked using them and I’m in total shock. I’m actually afraid to cancel my old reservation because this seems too good to be true. HOw do they offer such dramatically different prices? Case in point - 10 day Beach Club Villas room w./ 10 day base ticket (even after the new discount they release for the rooms) was $6800. $4770 with MVT for the Beach Club Resort with 8 day ticket and 1 day water park ticket. I just don’t get it.


I was the same way! When I saw the rates, I changed to the Poly and added a night!

My only regret is that I didn’t know about MVT before my trip last summer. Oh well.

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It has been mentioned in other threads, but my understanding is MVT gets rock bottom pricing from Disney because they buy up N rooms and pay for the block up front. So DIS knows the rooms are sold and gives them a great rate. Many other travel agencies may reserve a block, but they have the ability to return those rooms to DIS if they don’t sell which means DIS isn’t willing to give them as good of a rate.

Have a great trip…


Just got back from an amazing first trip, week long stay at Pop. I wanna say I saved at least 300$ off the Disney price. I can’t wait to go back and will definitely use MVT again.


That is so great!!! We saved about the same and are using it towards out food as well. I decided a couple weeks ago that work wise and for flights it was easier to go the first week in December so free dining was off the table for us because of that. But with the discount it is like getting free dining anyways and we can have a couple of sit down meals if we want.

Now if December could hurry up haha


Just got back from our first trip and hearing all these great reports about MVT. too bad we can’t go back for 2-3 years. Am I correct that they don’t have availability for the great rates at all of the resorts, just some of them? How early can I start planning? I pulled out just completed trip together in 6-7 months…now I’m excited to try them…

@nslappin I think it depends more on the time of year, and less on which resort, but I could be wrong. I got a great deal on Port Orleans in Jan. But August they run specials on Deluxe resorts.

Specials are run all year long but some are better than others. Case in point is the Labor Day Special running from August 15 to Sept. Most often you can pick your resort but the higher the class level the more you save. Some Specials have tickets available and or DDP, while others are room only or Tickets included with NO DDP. How they do this is that they go through Disney’s business or Convention Dept. MVT buys lots of 10 rooms with a three day minimum. They guarantee Disney that they will fill these or they eat the cost. Disney gives them a huge discount on rooms do to this guarantee. MVT passes most of this discount on to their customers. That is basically how it works. They are named in the Big Book with a description on just how they do what they do.

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In 2017 I made note of the agency exclusive dates on their website to have a guess at what dates could be for 2018. I guessed at what pricing might be for my preliminary budget based on what I had seen people posting. Prior to the 2018 exclusives being released I contacted an agent and sent her 3 date ranges I was interested in receiving pricing on if they were included in this year’s agency exclusive offers. She sent me quotes when the fall dates were released (Dec 13 or 14/17). They were actually pretty close to my estimate and I was able to book my first choice of dates. There were value, moderate and deluxe resorts in all 3 date ranges but it was a limited selection of resorts. One date range had several more resorts included.

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I spoke with Darcy at MVT through email yesterday and I’m kind of bummed. I am waiting to set up a trip in February 2019 and I wrote her and asked if she knew when the agency deals with be available for those times. She responded that they won’t get their deals until September. I was hoping to be able to book something sooner than that when Disney releases their packages for next year. But I guess I can always book something and then possibly cancel if Darcy can get me a much better deal. Just kind of stinks. Nothing against Darcy or MVT, she has been great and very quick to respond!