Thank you TP Community!

Wow! I cannot say thank you enough for the time spent, advice offered, and insight shared from this community of awesome people.

We recently returned from DisneyWorld and it was an absolute success! We only missed one major ride that we wanted to go on and it was only because of some other mishaps during the day (rides breaking down) that we didn’t get to go on it. Otherwise we literally did almost everything that I had laid out and we had such an amazingly magical time! So from the bottom of my heart thank you again to all that took the time to throw out your thoughts and ideas, it proved to be tremendously helpful and made for an amazing vacation for me and my family. The longest time we spent in line was maybe 25 minutes and that was for a character meet and greet for BayMax, whom we had to see cause that’s one of my daughter’s favorite movies, so we dealt with the line. But otherwise while we watched posted wait times for some of the headliners sit between 60-90 minutes or better we were walking onto nearly everything and maybe waiting 10 minutes for most rides if we even had to wait at all.

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so glad you had an awesome trip! we are going for our first trip end of sept and i cant wait to apply everything ive learned here so far… definitely feel more prepared than i would have if i didnt find out about TP!


Have fun, post your questions whatever they may be, all of the advice I received on here was so spot on. We were generally well ahead of our plans because of the advice I integrated into the plans. It was awesome. Enjoy your trip

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