Thank you to all!

A first time visitor here who has been scouring this site for the last few months…I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!! We are just two days into our trip but already having an amazing time that I would not been able to have without the tips from TP and especially this forum.

Stuff I am sure I would not have known otherwise:

  1. order groceries (Safeway an option) to make breakfast, snacks and drinks easier and cheaper. Went great!

  2. room locator tool - used it; got building and floor we requested!

  3. how early to show up for buses for rope drop; we arrived at MK exactly when planned which meant DH had time to grab coffee at Mainstreet Bakery before the line got insane!

  4. where to stand to rope drop Peter Pan and how early to be up near the rope; did it and even with an ECV-related mix up we got there & finished Peter Pan slightly ahead of schedule with a wait slightly less than forecasted plus my kids LOVED the queue we had time to enjoy!

  5. be our guest lunch pre-order; amazing to skip the long order line! Also got the pork for 3 of us since the advice was it was reliably great and it was fantastic!

  6. taking a planned break even tho we felt like we could do more after lunch; SO glad we stopped since we had energy when returning for HEA!

  7. HEA spot; sat in the “grassy” area in front of Casey’s and had plenty of room for 4 of us to comfortably sit, 90% great view of castle (bush/light pole not a big deal), and no people standing in front of us to block our view since we followed the advice here to be near the front part of the section!

  8. modify “trick”; followed the advice here to snag a time, anytime time, for desired ride and then toggle to modify for a few minutes; got Soarin at exact time needed first day and got Pirates then Magic Carpets twice - exact rides we wanted to do last night - following same approach next day!

  9. mobile order option; used it to get Dole Whip quickly!

  10. Skip Mission Orange at Epcot and do green; relieved my motion sickness-prone DS and I had the advice here not to even attempt Orange!

The advice here is so amazing and helpful! Thank you so much to TP and to everyone that keeps sharing their tips here on this forum so us newbies can have a nice time too instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by constantly waiting in lines. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Hope the rest of your trip is just as great!

Glad the trip is going great and look forward to hearing more about your experience