THANK YOU Reservation Finder!

After 2 months of searching, me checking several times a day for a Garden Grill breakfast reservation Reservation Finder came through! The stars aligned and I was able to snatch the one it found. There were several I had missed after the notice but it finally happened. Just wanted to say hang in there everyone that is currently on pins and needles for their perfect reservation, but it will happen. 33 more days and we now are locked and loaded on our itinerary :slight_smile:


Well done @kendra_jones. I wish that had worked for us, 4 and 1/2 mos on res finder, sigh, for SciFi. 3 more weeks before we’re there. I realize it’s b/c HS has the extra crowds this year, oh well.

We’ve always planned our trips b4 the 6month arrival day, but this year the fam was undecided till about 5 months out. They seem a bit bewildered that it made a difference this year haha! I think a lot of our fams don’t realize the planning that goes into a really great Disney trip!

Don’t be discouraged. We got our SciFi reservation in July just days before our trip. There is still hope.


I don’t know @Dreamer- are 9 of us this trip, which makes it a lot harder for adrs. Thankfully I was able to get all other adrs, tho needed some help from res finder for Akershus.

Even for Akershus, could only get res for 6, luckily the guys in fam said they’d just as soon skip the princess party haha!

A large group does make it harder. Have you thought about two different ADRs? A group of 5 and a group of 4?

I have a group of 9 going in October also and the reservation finder has been successful when I split the group into 4 and 5. I don’t think a 9-top will open up for SciFi, but then again, do the large groups get fitted into a car? I thought the cars only seated 6? Maybe it would be more fun to split up anyway?

I was able to get BOG in February for our April trip using res finder. I never got a CRT notification but that was okay. I also got Chef Mickeys 1-2 months out, but later in the evening than we wanted, so ended up cancelling after.

I’ve had it split into 5 and 4 for 4 1/2 mos. No luck. it’s just that this year everyone is going to HS with all the new rides, and also that SciFi is a great adr for kiddos, which the rides appeal so much to.

I’ve actually had 2 searches at same time, 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner. No luck. A few came thru but they showed up around 2am, and were for odd times of day such as 3pm, 8:30 pm for just 4. I missed one or 2 but they were for those times.

We had the same problem this year. Normally we book the 500 days out to get the room we want but this year we booked July 6th to arrive Oct. 8th. Dining reservations have been insane to find but it is pushing us to try other places we haven’t tried before. I had also purchased the deluxe dining when booking and I am having to use most of our credits at 2 dining dinner places because I can’t get any breakfast reservations anywhere so I was so happy to finally find a home for our last remaining credit. I do wish you luck!!! I hope you have a memorable trip!!

Thanks @kendra_jones! This is our fam reunion Epic trip with halloween party and princesses, for 3 princesses in training of our fam yippee!

So much that will be fab~~I was sorry to see that fam disappointed re SciFi since cousins’ 1st disney trip, but oh well, maybe now they’ll believe me when I say ~~must plan 6 mos ahead, pleezzz. haha.

Love those guys to pieces, but I know they think I’m an obsessive planner type person re Disney. I’m really not, tho I do enjoy it. For adrs, it’s just better (sometimes necessary) to set adrs up 6 mos ahead at the 1st window.

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I’ve said it a few times now so I gues it is becoming my lament but even at 180d I saw very limited availability. I did get a sci go at a weird time but then we changed our days around so let it go without realizing I would never get one back! I have reservation finder on the job so fingers crossed. I even had difficulty booking a Homecoming adr and had to split our group of 5.

@kjsprouse- which besides SciFi were difficult for you to get? This trip we’re mixing in more CS dinners. We mostly have gone to TS every evening. But doing MNSSHP and 1 signature this trip, so cutting back a bit elsewhere.

So that meant I had not so many adrs to search for. Tiffins and GF Cafe (for 18!) were easy peasy. Akershus not so much, but w the fellas opting out, just needed for 6 and res finder came thru on that one.

Sci Fi was the one we were probably most wanting. Also not able to book 1900 PF, BonnVoyage breakfast, eventually got TH but then unable to rebook after we changed our days around.
I did see lots of Candlelight Processional which I was surprised about. even on NPH night!

Just another “Thanks!” to the team for the Res Finder!
Bog PPO x3 (all modifications to get earlier times)
A surprisingly sold out HDDR res came thru today (4:30 mk closing day - 6:30 show)

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Another thanks here for Reservation Finder. Yesterday, after missing it twice, I snagged the Trattoria al Forno reservation I have been stalking.

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I have had it looking for over a month for Trattoria al Forno breakfast on 2 different days but not even an alert :frowning:

Wow, I didn’t know this was a thing that existed until I saw this post! Thank you!!

Wish they had something like this for monitoring resorts for openings.

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:frowning_face: I hope it comes through for you soon! Just a thought - have you checked on it recently to make sure it’s still active?

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Yes I have, thanks fo4 the thought though. I will be watching closely at 60d time frame for turnover :crossed_fingers:t2:

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