Thank You Forum! I am Done Planning & Ready for Fun

For the past several months, I have been consumed by Disney World planning. I have over analyzed and changed my plans several times… Booked, then cancelled, then re-booked several ADR’s. Changed my mind about rides/M&G/FP. I have asked a million questions on here & received great feedback. Now I am officially done with it!!! (PS: I have driven my family completely nuts with this process).

I even did a “test run” where I brought my daughter to a local theme park to test out my ideas (stroller, carrying items, drinking, bathrooms, lengths of time before she was miserable, etc). That’s how OCD I am.

I will be leaving in 30 days & I am finally feeling confident about my plans. I know they will not be PERFECT. I know things will go wrong or be missed. But at least I can spend the next 30 days in excitement rather than stress.



Hooray! I hope you have a fabulous trip!

I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

Keep the forum in mind when you get back. It’s a great way to deal with the end-of-Disney-trip depression after you return. :grinning:

Hurrah! Your over-planning tendencies fit right in around here. I’m so glad you’re going to spend the next month being excited instead of worrying. Please share a trip report when you get back. I’m sure lots of us would love to hear how this trip goes for you!

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Yay!!! Congrats on having everything all lined up. Now you just have to step back and leave it alone.

Time to focus on packing and maybe pre-shipping items.

You know how difficult it is to step back & leave it alone!? Ha ha ha… I promised my husband at the 30 day mark I would NOT change anything more.

I will definitely make a trip report… I should have made a pre-trip report showing all my struggles & bad decision making in the planning process so that others could know what not to do! :smile:

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Congrats and wishes for a great trip!

As a compulsive over-planner myself, the best piece of advice I can give for the actual trip is that the purpose of planning is not to be a straitjacket, but more to be aware of the general principles that go into an effective plan. This will help you quickly figure out how to adapt to changes in real-time, knowing the principles behind what makes things work the way they do.

Hello my name I Rachael and I’m an Overplanner! :grinning: secretly the planning part is my (almost) favorite part! Haha! I love you “tested out” at the local theme park! I recently took my ds5 and ds15months to zoo to see I I could handle both at Disney solo… It gave me great hope! Hahaha!

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I think that’s a great idea! I’d never thought of the idea of a “trial run” for a Disney vacation, but it’s so smart.

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It gave me great hope too!

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Well like I said, you no longer have to change anything, just begin packing and making the packing lists!!