Thank Heaven for The Crystal Palace

We love The Crystal Palace! My son was not wanting to get autographs or photos with characters until we got to The Crystal Palace. The staff were super friendly. My son was so excited and the waitstaff help pump his enthusiasm. The food was excellent, the best I ever had at Magic Kingdom. I recommend the flat steak at the cutting board. I will make this a must each Magic Kingdom visit.


That’s great. I had a niece that was terrified of characters till Mrs Incredible took some extra time with her one day and coaxed her into a picture. Disney CM’s really do go above and beyond sometimes.

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So funny you posted this! I spent about an hour this afternoon looking at pictures of my first few trips with my son. So many of those pictures were of meals at the Crystal Palace. It was so nice to see him change and grow but still light up with Pooh!


That’s so good to hear! I’m really looking forward to having breakfast there in November.

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Sally, the food is so good.

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