Tha Haunted Mansion

It says for all ages, but seems kind of scary to me…Would you take your 7 year old??

I am hoping to talk my 8 yr old into doing this on our trip in September. When we went for her first in Oct. 2015, I couldn’t even get her to think about it. Now I have talked her into trying it so I hope it isn’t too scary for her. We are kinda newbies so I have never rode it either.

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I would say check out a video of it on youtube and make a decision? Personally, I think it’s more spooky than scary.

But then I’m not an 8 year old (despite what exgirlfriends and their stoopidfaces think)


I must have been 7 or 8 when I first went (back when dinosaurs walked the Earth), and I was terrified by HM. You know your child - some see it as spooky fun, and others do not.

We took our kids, ages 2 and 4, on the one in California. Not sure how different the WDW version is. They both thought it was silly and fun.

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My 5- and 7 year olds are scared of everything - Dumbo (too high), 7DMT (too fast), and, for the 5 year old, Peter Pan (too dark). And yet, they both LOVE the Haunted Mansion. I find it very, very, very creepy and have no idea why they don’t. I think the previous poster who called it “spooky” rather than “scary” is correct.
Agree that watching on YouTube a wise idea.

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Last time we went my 2, 4, and 5 year old rode it without being scared. We also had to ride it again a second time on another day because they liked it so much. All my kids like old school Scooby Doo episodes, and I would rate the Haunted Mansion as about the same level of scary as one of those.

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My 7yo pitched a fit after riding saying it was for babies, he hated MK and he would wait for us in the car.


It is my 5 year old’s favorite ride. None of my kids were ever afraid of it, but we revere Halloween and all associated spooky stuff.

Every child is different. My younger one has no fear and loves Haunted Mansion. My older one dreads it. He will go with us, rather than wait, but it creeps him out.

Oh my gosh, 7 year olds are the most hilarious people on the planet.

I know, he was so over dramatic!

We took my 8 and 4 year olds on the ride. We told them it was a spooky house. They were afraid, but we talked them through the ride and they did great. We did ask to skip the stretching room, which I think is the scariest part. They are willing to ride it again next trip.

agree with @Alewis678 in that the preshow is the most disturbing part. You never know when you’ll get someone who screams their head off (for fun or out of actual terror) when they kill the lights. That can be very unnerving.

That being said, I think I had ridden HM about 10 times before I realized the thing dangling from the ceiling was a person who hung themself. I’m just not that swift when it come to all the themeing.

First time we took our then 3 year old on HM, I held her since I knew the preshow. And I just told her to close her eyes. You’d want to at least hold hands the first time around.

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The DL and WDW versions are almost identical once on the ride. WDW has a few extra scenes near the beginning.

yes! my 4yos FAVORITE ride! its a must do!

The preshow scares my younger ones but they all love the ride (even the 5 and 7 year olds). It’s more kitschy than stuff jumping out at you. Although the last two times we’ve ridden, we’ve gotten stuck (once for 30 minutes). How do you skip the preshow??? I never knew you could.

Just ask a CM.

Ask the CM when you walk in the first room. They give you instructions.

We found skipping the pre-show to be a huge pain - you get paraded around assorted back corridors and hallways and through non-themed areas then sent out to join the line boarding the doom buggies.