TH or Sanaa

Trying to decide between Tuscker House and Dine with an Animal Specialist at Sanaa on our AK day. 3 kids (3,6,8) 6 year old animal knowledge obsessed. Was thinking of ROL dining package at TH but it looks like they tack on $10 each person. Wondering if the travel to Sanaa makes it not worth it.

Is there an age limit for the dine with the animal specialist? I believe the charge for under 10 at Tusker is $5? If you are planning on seeing Rivers of Light the package is the better choice- for me.

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Good catch on the age, @PrincipalTinker. It says recommended for ages 8 and up. I agree that the RoL package at TH is the less time/money and better results choice for these ages. The kids can interact with animals and staff at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. I make no promises about the quality of that experience, YMMV.

We just did Rafiki last week, and ate at both TH and Sanaa. Your kids are the right age for Rafiki (if they are into animals). I would go with TH and save Sanaa and the animal specialist for when they are older.

Another vote for TH. Even if it costs a few extra bucks, if you want to see ROL it’s certainly the best choicce. Also, TH is a CM, which the kids would probably enjoy. Also, TH is a buffet so there is a better chance of the kids finding something they like.

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Thanks so much everyone! I didn’t even think of going to Rafiki’s instead! We are going to the Christmas Party so I was resisting yet another fee but the dining package is probably the way to go. Thanks so much!

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I would also take your kids to Simba’s Cubhouse and go to Sanaa for an adult dinner. Sanaa is so fantastic! We stayed at Kidani Village in January and got the bread service three times! And, I agree about Tusker House for the family. That was fantastic too!