Test Track RD from International Gateway

I’m planning an Epcot morning without FP. We’ll be entering at RD via the IG. My preference is to do Test Track first, but not sure if this is a big mistake due to being behind the main entrance crowds there. TT is the top attraction for my family. This would likely be an EMH morning, which should help.

You’ll have to walk with purpose to get over there from IG. I’d estimate a 5-7 minute walk.

I’ve watched this video a couple of times and it always amuses me. They rope drop the 3 big rides at Epcot from IG and main entrance to see what works best. Spoiler Alert: Test Track is pretty much having technical problems the entire video. But it would give you an idea of the walk, etc.


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I was going to add to my post that TT will only be operational weather permitting and if there are no technical issues, of which there always seem to be some!


You won’t be far behind anyone. Entering at the IG is more “chill,” less ppl, and assuming you’re staying at an EP area resort, you WILL be on time for an 8am emh RD if you leave your room at 7:30, unless you plan to crawl, or swim there.

Just make sure you have alternate plans for if (when) TT is having tech difficulties.