Test Track or Soarin

We have a FPP for FEA. Which should I do first at rope drop, test track or Soarin?

We had plans to rope drop Test Track and then run to Soarin; however, the very kind cast members who held us back before rope drop relayed the message to the crowd that Test Track was down for park opening but would open shortly. We decided to alter our plans to go straight to Soarin and ended up waiting 10 minutes before we got on the ride. We never did make it back to Test Track. =( I would prioritize Soarin over TT even having never ridden TT. Soarin was such a great ride!


I agree. Test Track is often delayed in the morning.

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For me, it would be Soarin’, for the reasons stated above. Also, although in the minority, I’m really not that big a fan of TT, so if I miss it, it’s no big deal to me.

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I have us doing Soarin first in our plans, thank you all for the input!

I was able to get TT as a 4th/day of FP after using the last of my first three FP’s around 1:00. I’d do Soarin first at RD and try for a day of TT fast pass.


So glad to meet someone else who’s not a huge fan of Test Track. I’ll do it if I’m with someone who wants to, but on solo trips it’s sort of my “if I’ve done everything else but don’t want to leave yet and the line isn’t that long” thing.

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I have done test track twice. First time was in 2005 during my first trip and then again when it reopened after the last refurb. I do not have any reason to do it again.


This made me giggle!

Yes let’s be honest test track isn’t that great

It’s just in a park with very few rides so hence it’s gets some focus

6 out of 10 ride for me

Whereas soarin I put at 9 out of 10

Mission space ive not done since the revamp but that’s another 6 out of 10 ride IMO

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Funny, my son’s girlfriend was saying last week that Saorin is her number 1 attraction. She said she thinks it is because she was not expecting it (first Disney trip at age 27) and to her it is magical. Yes, she says above FoP!

Popular Liner strategy is to RD Soarin’ and take your group through single rider line at TT.

One in my group is only five so he can’t do single rider, I suppose if the line is really long though, some of us can do single rider, get a rider switch pass and then take the five year old through with the switch pass.