Test Track Newbie Question

Hi - we’ve never done the Test Track ride and I’m a little confused by the description of the “design” part of the ride on this site where it says “groups of 3” crowd round the ipad-thingy…

If we are 4 what happens - do we get split into 2 groups of 2 or can 4 of us do the designing ??

we had 8 people riding and we got split into groups of 2

Honestly, if there are some of you who don’t care about “designing” (specifically the adults since the design aspect doesn’t change the ride portion at all), you can all gather on one screen.

Since the ride seats two rows of three, maybe that’s why it says “groups of up to 3”. All 6 riders are allowed to design their car, and touch the Mickey touchpoint that corresponds to their spot just before boarding. Every so often during the ride, there is a display of how the top three cars (from your ride vehicle) did on that portion of the “test ride”. As @jeremy_patrick says, doing this has absolutely no effect on the ride itself. It’s just fun to cheer when your car did well on a section.

We split into 3 & 3, but I can’t remember if anyone told us to do that or if we just did it naturally. I suspect that you guys could choose yourselves.

My impression was you could request however many terminals you wanted. So you could have a different design per seat, or all share.

you don’t get to design a car in the fast pass line, right?

No - you do. You can design a car going any of Single Rider, Fast Pass or regular queue. Single Rider the one caveat would be that if you stop to design, other single riders can pass you by in the queue as you design. But FP there was no downside to designing. The design aspect was my son’s favorite part of the ride last trip…

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GREAT!! thank you so much, I was really wanting the design aspect, but also really wanted to try to get a fast pass to avoid that crazy long wait. Yay!

If you have 2 kids then I would go in saying that you were 2 groups of 2, that way you’ll automatically get a terminal for each kid to do their own design.

We will be a group of 7. Have FPP all together. Vehicles are 6, so I’m guessing we should plan ahead for a group of 4 and a group of 3?