Test Track FP+ queue


we are using FP+ for TT but my son wants to still build a car. Can you do that in the FP line or should we go into the regular queue?


We used the FP+ on that ride last fall and we got to build a car just like everyone else. So you should be good to go!


We were able to build a car in the FP+ line as well in March.


Yes, you can build a car in the FPP line. Single rider line skips that step (but there is a station after the ride where you can still build a car - you just can't "test" it on the ride).


Now if they'd make the building optional, I feel like it's such a waste of time lol. I'd rather jump in the line ahead of everyone that is building.


I wish they'd make it optional too, but more so that we could take our time instead of feeling rushed. Those who want to skip it could, those who want to do it could do so at their own pace (within reason of course).


It was mentioned on chat that you can go to the design station at the exit BEFORE entering the line. Scan that design to your band/card and use it on the ride. Allows more time to design which I know my boys would like.
What I am not sure is how long it "lasts" on your card or band. ie if we can do the design on our 1st epcot day and use it a few days later on visit 2 - I don't want to lose early morning time waiting for boys to add rockets boosters!