Test Track FP Funny Business


I know it’s been mentioned in another thread but I thought the hinky TT FP situation in Feb deserved its own.

Apparently people with CL FastPasses have been able to get them one or two at a time for February, but now we are entering the 60 day window and they’re all out. https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=10123554&postcount=1

I had thought it might be maintenance issues, but there’s only one track (I forgot that since I can’t ride it anyway). So they’d have to be pulling cars off but that doesn’t make sense either since there are 6 people in a car.

I wonder if they’re trying something new with FP? Very curious. What will happen with the single rider line?


They could be doing a drop later? Although it may be a test.


I think the DIS person who got the CLFP said she was able to get them by staggering them by five minutes, one at a time, to eventually get 4.

Also, the DSS CM she talked to didn’t know to do this. She got the idea from the thread and went back and asked the DSS CM to give it a try, and it worked. Which suggests that Disney (for now) is only releasing one FP per window. That’s not many!


Yes, it is reminding me of the time they tested different models with Toy Story. Funny, I have never booked a TT FP in all of my trips. My son’s girlfriend want to do it so I was going to book it. I guess I will follow this closely.


But they are available in sets of 4 for early March?? If I’m reading the chart correctly. Very odd.


I can’t ride it anymore, but my family loves it, too. They might even RD for it, which is asking a lot of them!


The fact that it’s specifically for every day in February but no days in January or March, makes me think they are testing something out.

It was a little frustrating when I was making FP yesterday for our February trip (although I was prepared for the possibility since I’d seen this link). We might try to RD it - along with everyone else in the park, probably. I have an 8 year old who wants to ride it and I’d rather not have him do single rider.


I’m glad this thread gave you a heads up, wish it had made more of a difference.
So you tried getting one at a time and couldn’t make it work?


We have five who want to ride it (out of a party of eight) and I tried five (nothing), three, two (I saw late afternoon but didn’t want that) - and decided I didn’t want to mess with trying to coordinate 5 single ones at once, with all the errors I was getting. So I got a 9am Soarin (for six; I’ll take my afraid-of-heights 6yo on LwtL and then we have Frozen while they have M:S), for our first Epcot day. For our second Epcot day, we all have Frozen.

I’m sure it will work out. If we don’t RD it, maybe they will do a same-day drop and I can find two for DH and DS8 and have everyone else do single rider. Even if they ride standby, it will hopefully be our only long wait at Epcot.

I got a 10:20 FoP on day 63, which is the really important thing :slight_smile:


That’s just weird. I mean, there are FPs available right now for TT 30 days out. I wonder if it’s a glitch? I always get same day FPs for TT (they seem to drop some every morning for that day), hope those are still available…


There are more FPP available for Test Track in February now! No idea what was going on before.


Funny, the DIBS is still showing them limited the last two weeks.


Oh that is weird. What the heck is going on? Hopefully they release more for those dates, too.

I saw a good amount of availabilty for my dates (first week of Feb.) - I didn’t look at the Dibb.


Same, I hope they open up for my week before my FP selection a week from today…