Test track design component - still offline?

Not finding anything more recent than December on the forums and the wider interwebs aren’t coming through. Any recently back folks want to confirm you still can’t do the design part?

We have never done TT and are wondering if it’s worth a 45m line minus the design part. If the design part is happening we will still go.

Well I don’t have an update for you as we went in October, but in my opinion the design part is silly and unrelated to the ride at all. I would think of it as an interactive queue rather than a ride component. Even if you do design a car it doesn’t change the ride at all. It is my 5 year old son’s favorite ride in all of Disney for what it’s worth. We rope drop it.


thanks, this is helpful. I think DS and DH will love it, just wanted to gauge whether we should wait for the design part to be back up.

I visited on 2/7 and the design part was closed, but the line did wind through the rooms and a few displays were on with sample designs. It’s still fun without it!

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The car design is not currently in use. I was on it in January. I don’t plan on going on this trip because I read they are loading 2 parties in one car.

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I agree that it doesn’t change the physical sensation of the ride, but it does have an effect on the ‘Test’ part.

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Until the design part is back, the only aspect of the ride that’s any fun is the part where you go fast outside. Everything inside is pointless and kind of nonsensical without the design. I wouldn’t even bother riding it until the design part is back.

(Truth be told, this whole ride needs a complete make-over. )


Yes. I know it’s not realistic/possible to turn it into DLR’s version overnight, but I find the experience pretty boring even with the design part. It’s just not the right theme for me.

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Since TT will be part of the new “World Discovery”, I think they could easily transform the existing ride mechanism into something entirely new that fits that theme. I don’t know what that might look like. But since GOTG apparently fits into the “World Discovery” as does Mission:Space, it could be something like riding a rover on a distant planet or something off-world like that.

I think we will make a game time decision based on lines. We are going to try to RD Soarin’ and FEA and then let the kids check out the aquarium. If TT looks manageable, we’ll hit it and SE. As much as I love Mission Space, most everyone in my family is prone to motion sickness, so I don’t want to wait in a line to get all pukey.

You can do Mission:Space Green to avoid the motion sickness that the Orange brings on.

Having said that…just something I tried for our trip which worked nice was that I took a HALF of a “Less Drowsy Dramamine” (which is also sold under the brand Bonine) when we left in the morning. It wasn’t enough to make me overly tired, but it was enough to keep the motion sickness at bay.


I agree. I would love Radiator Springs Racers but that probably isn’t feasible in that location, and doesn’t make sense thematically. It needs more heart. It’s a sterile, cold attraction as it is.