Test Post from phone

Testing posting from phone. Difficult to see where on screen I am with keyboard in use.

I see you on my pc. Haven't tried to access forum from my phone yet.

I tried using the forum on my iPhone at lunch; appeared to be "fully functional", but VERY awkward to use for posting due to the pop-up keyboard; only a very small window left between banner and keyboard. Reading is not bad, if inelegant. Glad I do most of my lining on a PC; if I was phone-only I think it would be "too hard".

I have also been using my phone this morning. iPhone 4s. It's working, but the pop up menus and keyboard are difficult to navigate around.

I've found it useful to choose "latest" so I'm not reloading different categories so often. I think the "latest" feed should be the default on phones.

Also, the Safari phone features keep getting in the way. For example, I'll click "post" but it's towards the bottom of the screen so tapping there brings up the safari address and back button frame so I have to click post a couple more times to get it to work.

I hope these details help!